Flying Lufthansa business class, whats it like?

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  1. My family and I are very very very lucky and getting a trip to Italy from one of our relatives. We will be flying from Seattle to Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to Florence, business class on Lufthansa.
    Has anyone flown this airline? What is business class like?
  2. Lufthansa is a fantastic airline with great service. If you read the other threads about best/worst airlines I think you'll fine others who agree.

    Business class seats are wider, softer and have more features than Coach, such as deeper recline angles, footrests, a tray table that folds out from the armrest, a wrapped blanket, amenity kit, and usually a personal TV monitor with a selection of movies and TV shows (this varies from aircraft to aircraft, depending on flight duration). I remember Lufthansa offers on-demand programming on the flights I took, so you can select what you want to watch when you want to watch it (in other words, you don't have to join a movie in the middle of it). It may vary by aircraft, though. But I would expect this to be the case for your long haul from Seattle to Frankfurt.

    Depending on the airline, some Business Class seating in 747s are in the upper deck, which I completely prefer. It's quieter and seems to have a smaller number of passengers and 2 flight attendants and 2 restrooms. Downsides are reduced overhead storage for hand carry baggage, but there is a closet at the top of the stairs to stow any hand carry bags that are too large to fit overhead. Ive never had any problems. Also, at the window seats in the upper deck, there are small storage compartments alongside the window for personal items. You can check with the airline or your travel agent to determine if your aircraft is a 747 and if you are seated in the upper deck or downstairs.

    Business class service is also a huge notch above Coach, with an improved flight attendent to passenger ratio. Drinks are served pre-flight and you'll receive a menu with the flight's meal and beverage options. Business class meals are typically 3 courses, starting with an appetizer, main course and dessert. Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are served throughout and you can also go to the galley to request refills as you need. Sometimes the airline sets up a small table in the galley area with snacks for passengers to enjoy throughout the flight.

    Business class passengers also have the opportunity to board earlier than Coach. And at check in, there are usually separate check-in lines for business class passengers (depending on the airport).

    While you are waiting for your connection to Florence in the Frankfurt airport, you can visit the Lufthansa Business Class lounge for drinks, food, Internet connection, restrooms (I think showers too), reading materials, etc.

    Have a great trip!!
  3. Wow! :nuts: All that? It sounds just like first class! I've only flown coach/economy before, so this will definately be a flight to remember!
  4. DH and I flew Lufthansa from Boston to Frankfurt. Honestly...I don't remember that much about it, we flew at night so I was asleep for a good portion of the flight. We flew coach, but the seats were quite comfy, and I liked having a tv monitor right in front of me.

    We also flew Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Venice, but that obviously was a much quicker flight and I was staring out the window the entire time we flew over the Alps.
  5. :yes: absolutely!!!

    And don't get me started about Lufthansa First Class. WHOA!!!!! :nuts::tup:
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  7. Business class of Lufthansa is very spacious. However, depending on the aircraft, there are some in which the middle row has 3 seats. For people travelling alone and if you are unlucky with the seating, this can be a pain as you are squeezed between two other people. I wouldn't like it if I were paying business class and then squeezed in between.
  8. I've only flown coach on Lufthansa, but it was fantastic. Their coach is like business class on US airlines. My favorite thing about it was the individual television screens - you could watch movies or a thing with the conditions of the plane - temp outside, flying height, mileage, etc. Maybe lots of overseas flights have that, but I was fascinated. I've only ever flown from Chicago to Munich, and only on Lufthansa.

    Mental note - get hubby to book Mediterranean Cruise! There are some great deals for fall!

  9. Those middle seats are just not right! :P I know one can see seat assignments on the airline website but does a good job of reviewing different seats.
  10. ^^ I totally agree about those middle seats in business class! I was really surprised when I saw them on my 747 flight from Frankfurt to Mexico and back. On my return flight, I was actually given the middle seat and I fought my way with Lufthansa, especially since I had always an "aisle" preference in my profile and actually had a pre-reserved aisle seat. After much discussion, they finally gave in. I was quite disappointed with their service with that experience.