flying looooong distance

  1. hello everyone,

    i will be bringing my then 5 1/2 month old on a flight back to asia in mid March and the estimated flight time is 13 hrs. i have traveled alone many times but bringing an infant is a brand new concept to me. i know the question is kinda general; can you ladies give me some tips/recommendations/suggestions on the first fews things that pop into your mind regarding traveling long distance with an infant?

    thanks in advance!!

  2. Check with your airlines right away..

    -ask them if you can check in online, that way you can choose where you want to sit (also, that depends on the availability - but still, you can specify online where you want to be seated).

    -when you call your airlines, request for a bassinet for your baby (I never used one before because I'd rather carry my baby when she's asleep onboard.. it's just me... hee hee)

    -AND if you are travelling alone with your baby, request for assistance. That way, you don't have to worry about carrying your other stuff (aside from your own purse). I am not sure though if this works for travelling alone with a baby.. Because when I requested for assistance the last time I travelled, I was travelling alone AND pregnant at the same time. Anyway, you can try and ask them for that.

    -when you have boarded the plane, ask the FA's immediately where are the toilets with the child's diaper changer board. That way, when your baby has an "emergency", you'll know where to run to asap.

    I hope this info helps.. I'm sure there are other mommies out there who will chime in and share their insights on this topic.

    Have a Safe Trip!
  3. - try to book night flight so the 10 hrs of night sleep on the plane will save a lot of time for you.
    - in order to avoid ear pressure from taking-off and landing, give your baby some water or pacifier if he/she's taking
    -bring extra clothes, sometimes they wet their undies or spit up milk
    -extra formula, if breastfeeding that's perfect

    i always prepare extra, you never know if the flight will be delayed or land at other country to pump gas.

    btw, you'll have the priority to select seat cuz you have an infant.

  4. Make sure your baby won't do alot of crying. My friend travelled with hers once and she said it made her feel bad for the people around.
  5. Yeah...because that's SOOOOO easy to control! :rolleyes:
  6. LOL, I love it when babies cry. I plan on making mine cry all the time!

    Seriously though, lot of toys (security blanket, etc) and things to keep LO entertained. If your nursing, plan on doing it during take off and landing to keep your little one's ears pressurized. Oh, and plan for delays. I read a story about a mom who didn't even bring a diaper or bottle with her on a flight because it was only supposed to be an hour and a half. Yeah, four hours later and the child was obviously inconsolable!
  7. I like to hear mine cry too Sanguar! I even pinch her when she's being too quiet for me! lol .....jk of course!
  8. I like to pack new toys that they haven't seen before to hopefully hold their interest longer. I definitely second the pacifier/bottle/nursing during take-offs and landings. Lots of diapers/wipes/and changes of clothes. Also, a couple extra plastic sacks for soiled clothing/diapers.

    Also, I wouldn't feel bad if the baby cries. It's happened or will happen to us all sooner or later and now its payback time!:lol:
  9. All great advices!:heart::tup:

    To add: It usually gets cold on board, so bring a sweater or her favorite blankie. Also, you should bring an extra change of clothing for yourself in case the little one spits, vomits all over you.

    I also agree with taking a night flight. Your baby will most likely fall asleep for the first 8-10 hrs of her flight.

    Make sure your carry-on has plenty of clothing, food, and toys.
    Have a safe trip!
  10. Hi Catabie, DH and I brought our 2 kids (then 6 months and the other almost 3) on a 24 hour flight to Asia. One or the other child was up the entire time, and so was I. Definitely feed/nurse for take-off or landing. Try to get the front row seats so that you have extra room (this is where the bassinets are anyway so you'll most likely be seated here) and are near the toilet/changing tables.
    It's good to have all your essentials in your carry-on luggage but I also suggest having the most important items in a smaller bag within easy reach. This way, you don't have to go looking for things or worry about having to leave the baby unattended.
    Again, I second the suggestion that you bring extra clothes for yourself - you never know what mishaps may occur.

    That said, despite the lack of sleep on my part, my kids were very well-behaved on the plane and crying wasn't really a problem. And if yours does cry, well, that's what babies do and there really isn't anyone to blame for it. Bring something that he/she normally finds soothing -sucking/feeding and being held closely should be sufficient to console him/her.
  11. oh all you ladies are so sweet and helpful. you have all get me so excited about the trip now and i am not as anxious as before about bringing the little man.

    thanks again!