Flutter, Flutter.

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  1. My two favorite shoe colors are taking over my closet. If I break my ban, it will have to be for some color. I ordered this pair last week & have been anxiously awaiting their arrival. When I peeked outside today, there was a box.

  2. :couch::popcorn:
  3. I'm here!!
  4. Me too!!
  5. Oh my! A brown box inside that brown box!

  6. :dothewave:
    so excited!!
  7. Yes, it really is a box containing a pair of "those red soled shoes."

  8. Are you going Batty, yet?

  9. Yes!!!
  10. Here is the little peek from up above. A little taste of chocolate.

  11. More please!!
  12. Just for you, Aniski.

  13. *a la Homer Simpson*


  14. Okay, I'll get it moving now that you can see they are another pair of Madame Butterfly Pumps in brown suede. This time, they were delivered to the house, so I used my camera for the photos. I did have a little helper, who will get his "face" time in a bit.

  15. A closer picture of the bows and the toes. You couldn't really see the lovely silver toes on my black pumps (cell phone photos at the mall), but the gold really stands out on these.