Fluoride for babies ?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    i need your help.

    Today I visited my sisters family with our little 9 weeks old son and accidently we talked about daily supplements that babies have to take.
    My son is getting a daily vitamine D pill with 500. I.E.(dose rate).That was prescribed by our doctor.
    My sister was surprised that the doctor has not mentioned any fluoride pills that my son should take. She told me that it is very important for the first 6 months.
    I am now worried that I missed out that chance to give him the fluoride for his upcoming teeth.
    I did some research and there are so many different opinions. Some doctors say it is important to give fluoride and some indicate that it is not necessary and that only fluoride tooth paste is enough.
    Do you give your baby fluoride pills ? If yes, since which week of your babys age and for how long ? Please also indicate your country where you live ( e.g. some countries have fluoride enriched water) and the daily dose rateof the pill for your baby.

    Thank you!!!!
  2. Dear Redney,
    thank you, I will read them.
  3. After 1 my ped prescribed my son a daily vitamin with flouride in it. I mix it in with his milk at bed time he doesn't notice.
  4. I'm from US, and it is not recommended to take fluoride supplement for young child, as we do have fluoridated water and fluoride toothpaste.
    You can look up fluorosis, a dental condition caused by ingesting too much fluoride at young age.
    For children, it is recommended to get fluoride supplement once every 6 months at dental check up, starting around 6 months old.
  5. I've never heard of giving flouride for babies. My LO was 16 months when we moved out of the country. We use a flouride toothpaste and he got flouride from the water.

    We also never gave him any vitamins or supplements as he got everything he needed from what he was drinking (formula) and then his food. Our pediatrician never mentioned any of that stuff.

    I'm not sure what the thought on it is here in the UK. We haven't been to the dr yet with our son as they don't do as many checks and appointments. He won't have another one for a few more months.
  6. My two have never had any daily supplements, fluoride or otherwise. They eat a healthy, balanced diet and that should be all they need.
  7. My lo is 4 1/2 and I still don't give him fluoride in any way.. He still uses non fluoridated toothpaste and only gets what's in the tap water I guess.
  8. Hello Ladies,
    Thank you for your answers.
    I had my appointment with the child doctor today. Unfortunately my regular doctor wasn't available but his colleague did all medical examinations. I asked about fluoride and the doctor said she would recommend fluoride supplement on daily basis. From today my son is getting one pill that is a combination of vitamin d and fluoride for babies. I have my follow up appointment next months and will also ask my regular child doctor.

    The doctor said that i should mix the pill with water in order to have it as a liquid form because the fluoride should rest a little bit in the babies mouth before the baby swallows. I use a baby plastic spoon with some drops of clean water ( boiled and cooled down) with the pill inside.
  9. My kids are 13 and 14 no but I never gave them fluoride. The Peds here prescribe it only to those who don't have their city supplementing their drinking water with fluoride already. My city did not have it in their drinking water but I still did not give it to my kids.

    Have them eat a healthy diet, limit sugar and start taking them to the dentist once their teeth come in. That is the best thing you can do. Also, really, really try to limit any drinks with sugar (including fruit) and stay away from gummy snacks or those fruit strips. Those did a number on my kids teeth,. I learned the hard way.

    Teeth (among other things...) are built in the mothers womb so getting your nutrients in before you even get pregnant is important.
  10. His vitamin is in liquid form. I'm surprised they didn't give you liquid vitamin.