Fluidity Bar

  1. I saw the informercial a few weeks ago on tv and became interested since I trained in ballet for about 13 years and remember what it did for my body and how much I enjoyed it. So, does anyone have any experience with this? Did you see any results? I'd like to know what I'm getting into before I pay $200 for it. Thanks.

    oh, here's the link to the website: http://www.fluidity.com
  2. I saw this informercial too. I don't remember it being that much money. I remember it being $79 plus shipping. ETA: Apparently, when I saw this informercial it was 3am. LOL I see it says it was 4 monthly payments of $39 plus shipping.
  3. yeah, they're tricky and make it seem like it's way less on the informercial, but once you go to the site and click "order" you see that it's $199. That alone makes me skeptical.
  4. I'm bumping this back up. I just saw the infomercial, and looked online and saw some good reviews of it. Anyone here tried it?
  5. Bumping this up. They just ran the infomercial - looks like they are still selling it.

    I bought the fluidity bar several years ago, but got bored with the DVDs. Is there a quick reference of some exercises on the web somewhere? I would probably do them if I could just count reps while watching regular TV.

    My regular routine is Insanity every other day. The fluidity bar is something I could do every other day as well, in addition to a short yoga workout (which I also do freeform at home, then in a class at the gym once a week). I thought the bar would be helpful for stretching out lower back muscles, and I'd like to do some sort of ballet workout anyway.

    Any suggestions for bar workouts I could learn quickly then do by memory or using a quick reference? Or something more intensive than what was on the DVDs?