Fluid in my ears!! Help.

  1. It's been really hot here so I had the AC on all summer. Last week a few nights were cool so I slept with the windows open. I woke up 2 days ago to find I'm basically deaf from fluid buildup in my ears! I tried OTC decongestants to see if they work, but nothing is helping and this is day 3 with no relief yet. I guess I'm due for a dr. visit, but do allergies cause something like this? That's all I can figure out :crybaby: This is just awful! I am totally blocked up. I am prone to sinus infections but this doesn't feel like that...it's all ear related. I feel like I'm living in an echo!
  2. Sorry, Twinklette, I don't have any advice. Feel better soon!
  3. fluid-- is it liquid ear wax? coz i get it sometimes too and i just clean it up with Qtip. if you are a frequent eardrum cleaner like i am, then you'll have this condition called weeping ears= where your ears produce liquidy wax. its not good to clean your ears too often bec they cannot be too "clean". having that liquidy thing might just mean you clean ears too often.

    BUT if you arent cleaning ears often, then you might wanna have that checked with an ENT-- just in case its not an ear infection. hope that helps!
  4. nope, definitely not ear wax. It feels like both ears are totally blocked. I think it's sinus related - my ENT appt isn't until next week, but hopefully they can get me in sooner due to this. So frustrating :sad:

    Thanks so much though!
  5. Sometimes after swimming I have water in my ears(if that's what you mean), and you can get rid of that in seconds with Swimmer's Ear available at drugstores.:flowers:
  6. uh oh, yes im afraid it is sinus related. my mom has them like you :sad:
    hope u get better!!

  7. Twinklette, I went to the ER for this exact thing last summer. The doc said it was allergies. I said no way, I MUST have an ear infection! I couldn't hear anything and my ear was so blocked up that it hurt. Well, she said keep taking Sudafed and it will clear up. I took it for about 4 days straight and FINALLY it cleared! So, keep taking them, it will clear up and mine was in August last year too!!
  8. I'm having kind of the same problem right now. I hate it!! I had to go to the clinic last Tues. because I was feeling so dizzy. My left ear was muffled. I have a habit of having wax buildup and often I have to go and get them rinsed out. Well they were alittle clogged, but no infection. Everytime I swallow my left ear pops. The doc prescribed something called predinsone (sp)? I guess it's a steroid of some sort. I have recurring sinus infections too, so I'm guessing that is why my ear is acting up on me. The doctor asked if I have any allergies, I said I didn't know. But my left nose seems to be stuffy lately. I just might have to go back again to see the doc.
  9. Traci - thank you! I had a feeling it was sinus related. I just took some Afrin too but will continue w/the Sudafed. My husband has been sneezing like mad too...darn allergies :sad:

  10. No prob! I went to the doc cause I wasn't sick in any other way. No cold, sinus, nothing. Just the ear plugged up and dizzy from it. So, it ended up her being right. It's so aggravating to have your ear plugged up but keep on with the sudafed. Get the one that you have to go to the pharmacy counter for, the one with the Psuedoephrine in it not the other one that they still sell on the shelf with the other stuff in it (can't remember the name of it but it starts with a P too). Hope you feel better soon!
  11. I might have to go and get me some of Sudafed. Traci, how often did you take it for the four days straight?
  12. ^^Every six hours, well, sometimes I tried to go 7 hours cause that stuff makes me feel loopy too. But, yea, every 6-7 hours for 4 days! Then my ear finally unblocked.
  13. Thank Traci!! It must be a summer thing with my ears as well.
  14. Definitely Sinus related. whenever I get sinus infections my ears clog up so bad....
  15. One time my ear got so plugged that they gave me a steroid shot and later that day it actually got unplugged.