Fluffy Chickens! Whodathunkit!

  1. I love them!
  2. I wanna hug a chickennnnnnnnn!!! :choochoo::happydance:

    Sorry I'm kind of hyper :yahoo: at the moment lol!
  3. i never thought i'd say this, but that chicken is so darn cute!
  4. LOL so cute!
  5. Holy cow that chicken has a heck of a hair dresser! bahahaha
  6. IS that a real animal - what kinda crazy chicken is that?
    Sooo pretty
  7. haha that made me laugh out loud...so fluffy!
  8. So weird looking! Lol.
  9. Wow, that is lovely! What a pretty bird.
  10. Maybe I should change the name of my "Hug a Penquin" thread to "Hug a Bird" because I REALLY want to hug that bird!!!

    So cuddly...so fluffy.. :shame:
  11. I love him (or her?)! He's absolutely aorable! :yes:
  12. Yummy.
  13. I want one they are SO CUTE!!!!
  14. Ahahah reminds me of the Ali G show, the character sees one of those and goes "What the **** is that?!"

    you had to be there..kinda thing