Fluffy carrot cake?

  1. I baked it this Saturday and the taste was there, but I thought it was kinda flat. I think I put in 1/2 or 1 teaspoon of baking soda. I heard that stoneware is good to retain moisture and perhaps fluff up cakes. Any other suggestions?
  2. You can use cake flour instead of all purpose flour.
  3. I don't understand what the problem is?! Taste issues, density issues etc? Can you please expand?

  4. Ooh sorry if I was unclear. Yes, tasty cake, but it only rose about 2 inches. Should I have added baking powder as well? I swear I've used this recipe before though and it had risen more than 2 inches. This is from the Betty Crocker cookbook if any of you have that. Hmmm.
  5. I re-read your thread and instantly realised you meant the cake hadn't risen very much, my brain was out of order when I first read it hence I didn't understand what you meant! :smile:

    Anyway, from what I understand about baking soda you need an acidic agent that will react with the b. soda to get the bubbles to make your cake (or whatever you are making) rise.

    So if you had crushed pineapple (which is acidic) the cake should have risen. The other thing you could have done is use baking powder.

    Or may be you didn't use enough baking soda?

    I make muffins a lot and I use both baking powder and baking soda. I could probably just use one or the other but I've gotten into the habit of using both.

    I occasionally make carrot cake and I always use a-p flour. I once made a cake with cake flour and it didn't turn out very well. Dunno what happened. Never used cake flour since then.

    If you make carrot cake again please post your results!