Flu medicine recommendations?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I have woken up with the most godawful flu... can you recommend any medicine? I generally go the Dayquil/Nyquil route but that doesn't do a whole lot.

    Thanks so much!
  2. For OTC medications, TheraFlu works wonders! You just mix the powder into a mug of hot water, add a little sugar for sweetness (it's lemon flavored, so it's a little bitter) and drink it. It knocks me out :lol: But it really helps relieve symptons and lets me get some rest. There is a non-drowsy formula, too. I also take Aleve for body aches.

    Hope you feel better, IntlSet! :love:
  3. i recommend theraflu, too! my boyfriend had the flu in december and was acting like a total baby (he had never had the flu before, he's from the boonies, apparently they don't get sick out there) but the theraflu made him feel better almost immediately.
  4. you need a prescription, but if you take Tamiflu in the beginning stages, it's supposed to cut the duration of the flu, and make the symptons less severe
  5. Over the counters simply mask symptoms. To sayonara this evil flu, you gotta get meds from the doc.

    I've heard Tamiflu does work wonders, too... but it's kinda scary to be haphazardly popping those since it IS the drug Canada is stockpiling in case of the bird flu epidemic. Makes me think Tamiflu is some bad*ss drug...
  6. I have had the best luck with a homeopathic called oscillococcinum. It's best when you first start to feel sick, but helps speed things thru when taken during later stages.

    Feel better!
    love, Pippi
  7. If you have the flu, all you can do is let it run it's course b/c nothing will "cure" it but like everyone else has recommended, you can take otc things that might relieve the pain.

    As for tamiflu, it does cut the duration for the flu but some insurances don't cover this prescription.
  8. I concur.
    I'm sorry, I hope you fel better very soon!
  9. Son had the real flu and all of us were on tamiflu. If you have flu-like symptoms, it's a whole different ballgame. If you think it's the flu -- you need to get a prescription from the doctor. It's nothing to fool around with...I work for the state health department and you need to get it taken care of. Hope you feel better. Lots of fluids, warm liquids, Tylenol to keep the fever down and rest. Also, gargle with salt water.
  10. Oh no! I hope you feel better Intl. I find the only thing that works is rest and lots of liquids. If you can keep meds down, I find that Airborne helped me gets through bugs quicker. Get well soon!!!
  11. I Use Therflu Also. I Think It Helps.
  12. Thanks so much, guys! I'm seriously so sick I haven't even gotten to the grocery store to pick up medicine. I had some Tylenol lying around at home so I'm just taking that. It's doing a pretty good job!
  13. Oh no, the flu just sucks the life out of you doesn't it!? :sad:
    {{{Sorry A!}}}
  14. Thera Flu, and if you have nasal congestion (had it last week) Sudafed
  15. I hope you feel better Intlset.