Flu Bug or Food poisoning?

  1. I have been sick since last night. I was up all night throwing up and I thought it was probably something I ate, but today I am freezing. I can't get warm at all and I am all achey like maybe I have a flu bug. How do I know the difference? I have had both before but I'm unsure, and if it's a flu bug I don't want my kids catching it from me.
  2. Sorry to hear this! If you "think you ate something" do you have any idea what it might have been? Usually food poisioning starts 4-5 hours after the food is consumed. Are you able to keep food down? Make sure to drink plenty of fluids if you can, good old Gatorade is great since it is full of glucose polymers.
  3. Get well very soon, arireyes!:flowers:
  4. This just happened to a friend, they thought it was food poisoning (she had eaten taco bell! :yucky:) but it turned out to be the flu. You might want to stay clear of the kids for a while just in case ... see if you can keep down some crackers or juice first. Whatever it is, feel better soon!
  5. Do you have a fever and are you fatigued?
    Cough, sore throat, runny nose?
    Most of those are indicative of the flu and not food poisoning.

    I sure hope you feel better soon!
    You should call their Pedi and ask them to call in Tamuflu for the kids just in case.
  6. Standard food poisoning (not the life-threatening kind) is usually over in 24 hrs. Your symptoms sound like flu. Which reminds me I haven't had a flu shot yet.
  7. Thanks, I am thinking it's probably flu, I couldn't get warmed up all night. It took hours. And on top of it , I haven't eaten out at all latley.
  8. ^ So sorry you aren't feeling well. Sounds like the flu. If the family ate the same thing you ate last night, they would also have food poisoning.

    Chicken food poisoning (salmonella) sets in 6 hours after...

    Beef etc 4-5.

    The symptoms of being cold and experiencing chills probably means you have the flu. Rest up and drink tons of water!!! Just sip on it so you don't get dehydrated.

    Feel better :heart:
  9. aww *hugs* Hope you get well soon!
    My daughter has the flu too for a few days now :sad: guessing she picked it up from school..sore throat fever all the works..
    Just try your best to drink alot..teas water..and try to get your family to take alot of vitamin c and to stay awaaay from you as much as they can :'(
    and try your best to sleep alot.
    Best wishes to you :heart: