1. I love the sight and smell of fresh flowers. Twice a Month,i like to treat myself and my family to a lovely bouquet.
    My favourites are:
    Birds of Paradise
    Pink Lilly
    Yellow Roses.

    What flowers do you like ? :love:
  2. My favorites are tulips and calla lillies.
  3. I like stargazer lilies, tulips and yellow roses :biggrin:
  4. i buy fresh flowers every sunday after the gym. trader joes has gorgeous flowers at 1/3 of the price of grocery stores and 1/100th of the price at flowershops.
  5. I love Orchids!
  6. I love orchids, gardenias, peonies, roses, sunflowers, and more hydrangea!!! I am so excited to get in my garden and start planting for spring/summer!
  7. Roses and gardenias.
  8. All of them! seriously i adore flowers and love to have them around as much as possible.
  9. there isn't a flower I don't like but if I had to pick;

    purple lisianthus
    mistine orchids
    roses - big beautiful red ones!
  10. I love roses, they just cheer me up right away!

    for the smell, I like peonys! I even bought the hand lotion with poeny extract from Butcher garden in Vancouver.
  11. Sunflowers without a doubt!
  12. i love flowers! irises, orchids, roses in every color but red, hydrangeas, and sweet peas are my favorites. :smile:
  13. I like orchids, iris and roses.
  14. for look I like tulips, for smell magnolias & gardenias
  15. i love stargazers and calla lilies!
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