Flowers & Snowflakes Secret Exchange Daily Questions

  1. My packaging may be less than spectacular, but what's inside is cool! :smile:

    Forgive any typos, I'm on my iPhone!
  2. I'm so sorry, secret flower, but I saw the Dior Summer Mix collection at Macy's this afternoon and I just couldn't resist getting all 4 of them. If you already got me something from this collection, please be reassured that since I LOVE jellies, backups are definitely welcome.

    My third lemming is now Dior Shadow.
  3. The inside is always the most important thing and I'm sure what you got for your secret buddy will be spectacular!!!
  4. I got all my packaging in today, not very creative but it will be cute and pretty:p My stuff is coming in drips and drabs now for packing :biggrin:
  5. Aw, you're a sweetie.

    Forgive any typos, I'm on my iPhone!
  6. OOO Skyline! That's big one for me, too. :smile:
    I think I have a few major lemmings listed in my signature. I'm sure I will love anything I get. I'm trying not to shop my own wish list, just in case-- It's hard, right?? :p

    I was trying to think about characters, but for some reason I am blanking. There are quite a few I like, and not many that I dislike!
  7. I'm done shopping as well but some of my orders are international. Let's hope they get here asap.

    I'm a Hello Kitty fan. :smile: But that's about it when it comes to characters. I love Doctor Who, The Avengers, True Blood, etc. Who I don't like is Donald Duck. *g*

    My top 3 Lemmings right now would be

    1) Chanel Delight
    2) Chanel Vertigo
    3) Deborah Lippmann Sweet Dreams

    However I didn't put them in my Survey as I of course don't want my buddy to think I expect high end polishes. I just love trying anything and love being surprised!
  8. Same -waiting on some international packages too :smile:
  9. I don't feel like finding the posts to quote but I know I missed a few Q's...

    Characters - I'm not a big character person, I do like the Nightmare Before Christmas though but I don't really collect NBC stuff or anything.

    Top 3 Lemming -
    Estee Lauder Surreal Violet
    Verity Deep Violet
    Girly Bits Shift Happens
  10. Omg such a hard question. I think I'd have to cheat and name 4

    1. Rescue Beauty Lounge Piu Mosso
    2. Chanel kaleidoscope
    3. Rescue beauty lounge Cuprum
    4. Chanel Fire

    Ps. I don't expect any of these from my buddy. I would happy with anything. But you asked for top 3 no matter how crazy. Lol. 2 of mine are super duper hard to find and super crazy. Lol!!!!!
  11. 7-1 Secret Exchange Question:

    Are there any books, movies, or music you would love to have as an "extra"?
  12. Nope, I have everything I could ever need book, music & movie wise lol. UNLESS my buddy happens to find one of those nail magazines w/ nail art or acrylic nails, I've never found one of those & it would be pretty fun to look through one of those :p
  13. I am a secret (or maybe not so secret now :p) Twilight Saga lover... I used to be solid Team Jacob... Now, I am not so sure. I could use a book mark. Lost my metal Harry Potter one, darn it!

  14. I'm not in need of any of it. But children's books from overseas would be really wonderful, if I get an international buddy. My kids love books from other countries, even if they can't always read the language. :smile:
    Really, even just one single np would make me overwhelmed with joy. I love getting surprises in the mail. LOL

    Forgive any typos, I'm on my iPhone!
  15. Yahoo! Just got an email saying my order is on the way! I will start packing when it gets here.