Flowers & Snowflakes Exchange Reveal Thread

  1. Post your reveals & bottle spam from your secret bunnies please! Enjoy the exchange! Looking forward to all your packages full of pretties for Flowers & Snowflakes Exchange 2012.
  2. My secret buddy should be receiving hers by the end of this week.
  3. Woohoo!! Can't wait to start seeing reveals. :smile:
  4. I will be shipping tomorrow! I can't wait to start seeing reveals either! :smile:
  5. I'm so excited!! My buddy should receive next week, too! Going to be a fun week!
  6. Yay! Can't wait for the reveals to start! All going well the last polish I'm waiting on will arrive in the morning and then I can post out tomorrow:smile: Going to wrap and have everything else ready now!
  7. Shipping commences no later than Wednesday so my bunnies will have theirs on the weekend!
  8. Shipping out tomorrow too. :biggrin:
  9. I shipped out one of my buddies gift :smile:
  10. i'm waiting on a polish.
  11. Hopefully my package will go out tomorrow
  12. I'm so excited for the reveals.

    I'm still waiting for 2 polishes to arrive before I can ship out. Hopefully they'll get here asap.
  13. Same! If so, my buddy will get it in a couple of days. Yay!
  14. YES the reveal thread! So excited to start seeing people getting their packages! I'll be watching this thread like a hawk =)
  15. I'm not finished mine yet, so I think i'll get my buddies out by midweek :biggrin: