Flowers from FTD Shipped for $15!

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  1. Oh my! What an amazing deal!! Thank you so much--I know of several people I can send these to!!
  2. Just sent some to my mom to brighten up her day! Thanks, OP!
  3. #4 Jul 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    That's only half of it- everyone on sd is going through bing and getting 7.50 cashback so it's only $7.50 shipped. You need to go to bing and click on ftd and it will say product unavailable. Then use the OP's link to open another window and place your order and you will end up with $7.50 in your cashback account,even without using the actual bing link. I even sent some to my MIL just for fun :amuse:
  4. thanks for the tip! sending some to the MIL. :smile:
  5. in for one for my mom! whether $15 or $7.50 this is a really good deal!
  6. Argh!! It was just available 3 minutes ago, and now it's not! Thanks for the heads up though!
  7. The site charges a $14.99 service charge at the end, so it's not a good deal.
  8. Mine shipped for $14.99 just yesterday.
  9. i think its sold out
  10. How are you getting around the "service charge" at the end of $15? It brings my total to $30.
  11. Sorry, the product code that you've selected, FREE SHIPPING! Summer Mixed Rose Bouquet (FC27), is unavailable. To view other products, please use the tabs on the top of this page.
  12. oh this is awesome! i'm going to send some to my mum just because ;)
  13. booo I missed it :sad: