Flower Scarf

  1. I just called Coach about the flower scarf that some of us have been wanting, #98286, well they said it's now gone. Sold out and no more left! As of a few weeks ago, I was told it wasn't even out yet and now it's gone! So oh well, did anyone get one? I'm kind of mad now. :tdown:

  2. wow! how did that happen?? did it even hit stores? I really liked that scarf..... I would gotten one:sad:
  3. No way! They told me it wasnt even in production yet!!!! Jeez - the SA was on the hold w/CS for like 1/2 hour trying to figure out the status of this one. That really stinks - I wanted this really badly!:tdown:
  4. That is really a shame. Such a lovely scarf too. Hopefully they will make something else that we like.
  5. Maybe someone else should call and see too, just in case the lady I talked to was wrong for some reason. I really wanted it to and I can't believe it would sell out that quickly without us even knowing it was available. This totally stinks!
    Someone else want to check?? :yes:
  6. I just called and it is sold out.
  7. I love that scarf. I only just saw it now but I am sad I will never get to even attempt to put it on my wishlist. :sad:
  8. Ugh...I really wanted that one. If none of us got one, and it sold out, I wonder who got lucky? Betcha they'll be popping up on eBay for twice retail. Just like the original skull charm:push:.
  9. That makes me so mad. But I might just have to get one off eBay.
  10. I'm not sure I believe they have NONE left before it even hit the stores!! Too strange..but I guess it was on the website...wasn't it? I liked that style more than most coach. I get tired of too much signature..wish they would make more with lovely designs..like Hermes!
  11. Actually it was never on the website. It was on the Japan website I believe but as far as I know, it wasn't on the US website.
  12. yup! they are all gone :crybaby:. I had my SA look one up for me but had no luck.
  13. Maybe Coach will have a new batch in time for the Holiday Season. Let's keep our fingers crossed. That was a lovely scarf.
  14. I am guessing they will have more for the holidays, seeing what a great seller it was.
  15. ^^ I hope so.