Flossing !!!

  1. Hey Monablu - Glidefloss is a super thin floss that is less rigid than regular waxed flosses. It is much easier to use than regular floss too. When I floss, that's the one I use - I still hate flossing though!!! :rant:
  2. twice a day:after lunch and after dinner...

  3. I SECOND that. Glide really makes flossing less painful and that's what makes me a regular flosser now :cool:
  4. I hate flossing - but I do it everynight before bed. The only floss that I like is glide because it doesn't get stuck between my very close together teeth. Some of the more cloth-like flosses get shredded between my teeth and it drives me crazy.
  5. can you get the glidefloss at target? I'm going to check it out! thank u ladies for the info - my next option after that is to get one of those horrible waterpick things because my gums keep getting irritated!
  6. I floss once a day, at night before bed I floss, brush, then mouth rinse. It's my daily ritual.
  7. I just started flossing on a regular basis. I used to hate it because my teeth are so close together, so it is hard for me to do. But now that I am used to it, I do it once a day or every other day. Not as much as I should, I guess.
  8. My teeth are close together too, except for a pair on the lower right, and that's where everything gets stuck. I hate flossing, it is so hard to get the floss down between the teeth, and the smell... :yucky:

    However, I started using the Reach flosser a year or two ago, and it is fabulous for me. I still don't floss daily, but a few times a week now, much better than I used to. :angel:
  9. I floss every few days and when I do, I have to brush afterwards.
  10. I floss before I go to bed.
  11. Only at night...:smile:
  12. I had problems with floss bits getting stuck between my close-together teeth till I started using Johnson & Johnson Reach Easyslide.

    Also, my hygenist told to make sure and wrap the floss around the tooth, and not go straight down into the gum between the teeth. Otherwise, over time, it can lead to the gum in those spots receding :oh: .