Flossing !!!

  1. I'm obsessed with flossing, I floss after each meal.

    Do you floss ?
  2. I floss then brush at night, before bed.
  3. 2-3 times a day..at least! :smile:
  4. Pradasmeadow,
    Yes! I'm obsessed with flossing. I floss twice a day (after every meal if I get a chance). If I don't floss my teeth before I go to bed, I can't fall asleep!
  5. Before bed - so far so good with the dentist; quitting smoking was the best thing I ever did for my teeth and gums. :amuse:
  6. me too! I totally get my dental hygenist to hook me up with the sample size "glide" floss so I can carry it in my purse! :yes:
  7. ^^ I love Glide floss... It's the best!!!!!!
  8. i always have the glide floss with me, so i can floss after eating out.
    I usuallly floss after each meal.
  9. I floss religiously {I'm totally AR about my teeth!} and I LOOOVE Glide!
  10. I floss at least twice a day

    :heart::heart: :heart: SHAQ ROCKS:heart::heart: :heart:

    GO HEAT !!!
  11. me too :amuse:
  12. I Love Glide Floss! I Try To Brush & Floss After Every Meal (That I Am Home)...I Don't Love Flossing In Public Bathrooms (Nothing Wrong With It...It's A Good Thing!)......If I'm Out I Generally Go Right To It, When I Get Home!
  13. omg i hate flossing. it's so so so gross. the LAST thing I want to do is touch food that is stuck in my teeth.


    I use those denta-pick things so that I don't have to touch the floss and then swish with oxyfresh

    gross. lol
  14. monablu I am with you, I hate hate HAAAAAAAATE flossing!!! My gums always bleed afterwards and my hygienist always lets me have it after a cleaning. My teeth are crowded - even after braces, and I hae the worst time flossing - argh!!! I use glide floss and it's better than the others, but man, it is SUCH a chore...
  15. Wow... I floss when I am at the denist office, and they ask me "Have you been flossing everyday??"

    Ususally I respond with: :yes: