Florida woman auctions pancake with image of Jesus on eBay

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  1. Does any one know the link for this auction is??

    This is so funny, I remeber the one with the jesus toast..
  2. The strange thing is there are so many bids!I would never believe that people would fall for sth like this!
  3. Strange.
  4. i can think of many many more things i'd rather do with $350
  5. they should make a Jesus Toaster, like the Hello Kitty toaster that burns a face like Hello Kitty
  6. OMG?!!! where can I get one of those? the hello kitty one i mean...
  7. Isn't there a mary one? You can burn the image of the virgin into your toast or something, lol, it's like a cookie-cutter looking thing
  8. ^^target i think, i remember seeing it online...
  9. That's one expensive breakfast lol.
  10. LOL that would suck if it fell apart as soon as the bidding closed haha!
  11. :wacko:
    weird things happening in eBay everyday..... and smetimes, pple do buy them! i wonder why
  12. That is so bizarre...
  13. It's ridiculous that people would actually believe this and pay so much money for it. *shakes head*