Florida: Shelter Fire Kills Dozens Of Cats

  1. I saw it on the news, my brother volunteered there every week. I am so heartbroken over that.
  2. Awful...what a terrible way to die. :sad:
  3. That is so upsetting, they were completely defenseless... :sad:
  4. I saw this on the news last night...2 dogs died as well, I believe :sad:

    My only *hope* (I don't know if that is the right word, though...) is that the poor babies passed away from the smoke inhilation and did not feel anything. :sad:

    I hope to GOD that there was no foul play involved...how could anyone burn down an animal shelter?!?!
  5. Heartbreaking.
  6. :crybaby: Omg, i just want to cry, all those innocent animals. How terrible, thats just the worst, its not like they could get out.
  7. That is so sad!! It makes me want to cry. I hope that there was no foul play involved like couturegrl said. I wish there was some way that the animals could have gotten out. :crybaby: :crybaby: