Florida residents.......

  1. Hi!!

    I am interested in going to WDW again this year and I was wondering if there is a certain time you would recomend to go (last time we went...we went in august and was caught in 3 hurricanes in the span of 2 and a half weeks!!!!!:censor: ) and I want it so that we dont get caught in thunderstorms that make me wana to wet my pants:shame: .

    Also is there any tips you would recomend when visiting WDW (last time i went i did all my searching online but after getting back I relized the locals get alot of deals and stuff that is unspoken of)

    is there a place or a time you would recomend buying the passes at a better price???

  2. Well the only deals I know about are for Florida residents- there are some resident deals. As far as when to go- stay away in August- that is the brunt of Hurricane season and you don't want to be there then... I would suggest October-January. The weather in FL is so much better then- sunshine and a little cooler... :yes:
  3. I heard that September is slow and that's when they have good packages. I went the first week of June to avoid the kiddies but there were still a lot of kids. If BF and I were to go back, it would be in September. We'd take advantage of their hotel packages.
  4. Definitely come in the winter months, there are packages from travel agents that offer the tickets at much lower priced when combined with hotel stays, etc., also hotels in the Magic Kingdom or at Universal, which I think has the best resorts, these hotels offer tickets as part of their packages., I have seen Travel Zoo come up with some great deals for hotels, tickets, etc.
  5. October is usually best ... early before halloween. Universal gets crazy towards halloween because they have special night events. Even late in September is good too, after Labor Day.

    Not sure where you work, but my company has a corporate discount code. We went to Epcot two weeks ago, and didn't save much money (I thin we paid $60 for one day) but we got free parking and $12 disney dollars each, which paid for lunch. I think the website is ticketsatwork.com.
  6. Do not go during Christmas! That's one of their peaks. I was surprised thinking no one is going to celebrate Christmas a WDW but they do.
  7. i always go in october so i can go to halloween horror nights one night at Universal Studios. the weather is decent in october :smile:
  8. Go at the end of Nov./ beginning of December!!! I go during that time of the year! It's great! No crowds and the weather is great! Definitely check out www.mousesavers.com - it is the best site ever!!!

    We rent a house within approx. 5 miles to Disney. There are tons of houses you can rent. We can cook, barbeque, have our own pool, washer/dryer,etc. Renting a house may be cheaper then staying at a hotel. We also rent a minivan so we drive everywhere.
  9. I agree with what every one is saying about October, there are comprably fewer people there during that time (( I used to work in ThemeParks )) Oct. Here in Florida is our slowist tourist month, My fiance and I are Annual Pass holders and we are such dorks we go every weekend (( yep once a week, or twice some times)) :smile: the only real deals are for Florida residents ie hotle discounts , parking discounts , but if you plan on staying on property ( one of the disney hotels ) Ask if they have any promos ( they some times do) and if you are staying for a few days , get a park-hopper pass ( you can go to as many parks in one day as you want , and it is pretty easy to get around to diffrent parks via the disney busses , and they are free to resort guests! In October at Epcot they have the fantastic Food &Wine Fest, really worth going to they have lots of great bands and all kinds of food from around the world to sample. Also if you are a resort guest you can get a slight discount on sit-down dinning at many of the resturants in the park. -Have fun ... I love disney:heart:
  10. thanks everyone!!!!! ahhhh I am so excited all over again!!!! does anyone know if they do anything for Valentines day????