Florida Outlets

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  1. I'm thinking of heading to an outlet this weekend to exchange two of my bags..one of which I bought for my mom, & shes making me return it lol.

    But I wanted to know if anyone has been to any of the outlets in Florida recently, and if they have any good deals on Zoe's.

    I live two hours south of the Orlando outlets, and two hours north of Sawgrass and the Dolphin Mall Outlet...so I dont know which one I should go to.
  2. Hi Chelsea

    I too am 2hrs south of orlando and 2 hrs north of Sawgrass. I usually go to Sawgrass first and then Dolphin.

    What city are you in? I'm in Stuart.

    BTW - did you see the 20% is back? Jul 15 - 19.

  3. WEIRD! I live in Port St. Lucie...we're sooo close! hahahaha
    Small world.

    And the 20% is what again?

    Last time I went to Sawgrass..about a month ago... they were handing out 10% off coupons.
  4. You have reached my area of expertise...

    Orlando Outlet --- the best, with the most stock and the latest thing.
    Sawgrass Outlet --- Very much like Orlando, with a lot of unique items..
    Dolphin Mall Outlet --- the one that is close to me but It has the worst stock, always behind the other two.. Do not take me wrong I love this store and go once of week but if I had a choice I would go to Orlando and Sawgras...