Florida Locations and What Colour for a FIRST?

  1. Hello ladies!

    I'm flying to Florida this month and I figure I might as well make it more memorable with a first Balenciaga purchase. My question is - I'm going to Orlando...any stores in that area carry Balenciaga?

    This is going to be my first purchase and I want a FIRST - what colours do you suggest? I like the black and the cafe. What was your first FIRST colour?

    Thanks so much for your feeback!
  2. :cursing: :cursing: LOL.....

    Well, apparently there is one store in Orlando that does... I went all over that city for about 2 days trying to find a store that carried them, so that I could look at different styles while I was down there...

    When I came back (and wasn't able to find them ANYWHERE), I found out that Neiman Marcus, Mall at Millenia carries them - but you have to ask someone specially for them - because they keep them in a drawer????

    So sad, because I would have bought a bag while I was there... if I was able to find them!!

    - Oh, and have fun on your trip! ;)
  3. My first (and only first) First is a vert d'eau. It's <- in my profile picture :smile: It seems like you like the darker, more neutral colors though. I think black firsts are beautiful and something that you'd always use. The other neutral colors I like are sandstone & truffle. For 'colors' I like vert d'eau, aquamarine & french blue.
  4. A black first is such a classic!! That gets my vote!!
    Of course, when you see them IRL you will probably be drawn to the colour that is right for you!!
    Good luck!! And post pics of whatever you get!!
  5. I say black!! I love it:love: and I wish the same bag for me..:girlsigh:
  6. Thanks for your feedback ladies - I really appreciate it!
    I'm leaning towards the black as well...it's always a great first FIRST. I'll keep you posted!

    I hope they have at the Neiman Marcus in Orlanda. Anyone know the number of Balenciaga's corporate office in the US? I'm sure they can help out.
  7. I went to Neiman Marcus Saturday and asked to see inside the drawer, but the SA said they have all been transferred to another store so they don't have them anymore, they can only be ordered! But a few weeks ago they had GH bbags IN THE DRAWER wow what a waste.
  8. I don't know of anywhere in Orlando that sells BBags I wish there was:sad:
  9. I'm sad that the store isn't consistent :sad: I might as well purchase my bag here in Toronto. I usually purchase handbags on trips - when I wear the handbag it reminds me of the trip.
  10. That's pretty much the conclusion I came to as well... I asked everywhere (except for NM, since it was my first stop of course :rolleyes: )... and no one knew where to find them...
  11. black!
  12. Thanks ladies for your feedback! I'll try the NM at Mall at Millenia, but I just end up purchasing it before my trip!
  13. yeh I am visiting Orlando in May too and I've called the NM there and the SA told me that they do not have any left. They can only be ordered if you pay the for it fully. This really sucks. I mean, Orlando should not be a city that doesn't have even one store that carries Bbags.
    Totally raunchy.
  14. I agree, you'd think they'd have a boutique that would carry them. Yes it may not be fashion central, but it sure is a tourist area.

    Argh! I guess I'll have to purchase it at Holt's!