Florida Keys vs Puerto Rico

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  1. Dh and I are throwing vacation ideas in the air and were were able to narrow down our choices to either the Florida Keys or Puerto Rico. Anyone have advice or a preference?
  2. I've only stayed over night in Puerto Rico en route to the British Virgin Islands, so I wasn't there long. But I was not all that impressed.

    I LOVE Key West however! DH and I went there to celebrate my b-day this past October and I loved it. We stayed at the most beautiful B&B and adored the town. I would go for the Keys personally, it seems more laid back
  3. ^^^ITA!

    We made the mistake one time picking Aruba over the Keys. That would never happen again.
  4. I vote for both. Each location has it's own special sights and places of interest. I've traveled to Puerto Rico twice now and I really enjoyed my stay although I've yet to visit the rainforest (El Yunque) there :Push:
  5. I vote Key West!
  6. PR!!! its fabulous!
  7. I've been to PR and Loooooooooved it! So much culture and so much to do there, it was lovely. I really don't know what exactly you are looking for, but for me, Puerto Rico was wonderful. I've never been to the Keys.

    If you go to PR, and go to Old San Juan, I recommend the restaurant Baru.

    Also if you go to PR, go kayaking in a bioluminescent bay at night, visit El Yunque and swim in the waterfalls, definitely visit Flamenco Beach (one of the most beautiful in the world) but you have to take a ferry to get there. Make sure to do some snorkeling there, too! Gorgeous and breathtaking.
  8. ^ Thanks for those tips!!! :tup:
    I'm going to PR in April!
  9. If you go to Puerto Rico go to the South Side of the Island! It is much nicer. There is great shopping in Old San jaun but not much else. on the south end of the island the beaches are much better, and its much more laid back. Also if in Peurto Rico you must go to Culebra. Take a taxi to the town of Fajardo and there is a ferry that takes you to this semi-deserted island off the coast od PR. It has one of the top 10 beaches in the world. I have been to most of the Carribean and Culebra hands down has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.



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  10. Puerto Rico would be my choice. I hear parts of it are gorgeous.
  11. Parts of Peurto Rico are amzing- but be careful!! LOL, last time we were there we got lost and stopped in this neighborhood because we saw a police officer. We got out of the car and walked up to ask him directions; he turned around, was wearing a bullet proof vest and said "you need to leave this neighborhood right now! Get in your car, lock the doors and I will come tell you how to get out of here." :wtf:

    There are def some really bad areas around San Juan- Didn't see many south of the Island.

    PR is also a great place to surf or bodyboard. If you ever wanted to try it- PR is the place.
  12. i loved pr and liked the keys
  13. I went to PR by myself single lady, knows a little Spanish, and drove from San Juan to Ponce. I love PR.

  14. Just like any other place be careful, but I never once felt unsafe in Puerto Rico. We stayed just outside of San Juan, too, at the Andalucia guest house, which is in nice little neighborhood and an amazing cafe across the street. The people in Puerto Rico were so friendly and happy to help. I know a bit of Spanish, but really the people there are great.
  15. I disagree that there is not much else in San Juan. Old San Juan is an amazing place--- lots of historical sites to see and lots of beauty. It's worth it to make a stop there. Also tons of good dining, but try the little streets at the top of the hill rather than close to the cruise ships (tourist traps). It's an awesome place to explore.

    And yes, Culebra Island is where the beach I mentioned above is-
    Flamenco Beach. The ferry does leave from Fajardo to get there. I wish I had more time at that beach, it really was incredible.