Florida keys...need some help!

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  1. Hello all!!! I have been talking about going to the florida keys for a while now....but there are so many islands i dont know which one to go to....how do i pick which one is better over the other??

    so i was wondering if anyone here has gone down there and if you have any suggestions of which island to go to and where to stay and what to do!!!

    i just wanna go for a long weekend...like a friday night to a monday night!!!

    THANKS ALL!!!!!! :nuts:
  2. Depends on what you want.....Key West is pretty touristy, but you have a mix of everything...and a trolley that can take you around the island, so you don't have to walk in the sweltering heat!!....clubs, restaurants, museums, etc. The other keys, Islamorada, Largo, etc. all have hotels, restaurants, charters, snorkeling, etc. but is more laid back, and less touristy than KW.... but if it's your first time, I do think Key West should be your first visit.
    If you go by car, or rent a car, you can visit all the keys, but just remember there's only one highway that goes thru the keys, and parking isn't cheap or always available, esp in Key West. You also should do some snorkeling, the underwater views are awesome !!

    p.s. you can either fly to KW (small airport) or go via MIA (Miami)...the only 2 ways if you fly....
  3. thanks!!! i personally would rather do the islands that arnt as touristy..or maybe just visit key west for the day and stay in one of the other islands.

    how far is key west from the other islands??
  4. You might want to PM SUNSHINE she lives in KeyWest and could be helpful.
  5. thanks so much!!!!
  6. Key West is about an hour and a half rom Islamorada and Islamorada is about an hour and a half from the top of the Keys. I have family in Islamorada so I'm usually doing things around that area. My family has a jet ski, snorkeling business on Duck Key if you want more info, PM me. There's a resort there too that is really nice. There are great places to eat in Islamorada. By the way, when are you going?
  7. We also really like Islamorada. Key Largo has awesome snorkeling and diving. There isn't a whole lot of night life in any of them- for that you need Key West. Have fun! I love the Keys.
  8. There are some awesome areas such as Hawk Cay, and other little islands which I will post for you., there is a great place called Cheeca Lodge, with spa, beach and super accomodations, let us know if you are traveling with so, or friends or yourself and what atmosphere you are looking for, the keys have it all from the quiet and peaceful to the super rowdy so it depends what you want....only certain areas of the Keys have beaches worth swimming in, so information is important...
  9. i've been to isla morada and loved it!
  10. Islamorada is great but if you are not diving or doing a water sport there is just nothing to do!! KW west is touristy but there is sooooo much more to do. You can be a tourist or not. I can tell you plenty of place to go that only the locals go. I think after talking with you yesterday you really would love it here in KW. If you are driving you can stop in the other keys along the way. We do have a great night life that carries over into the day (or not) and restaurants to die for. Stay in touch and I will give you as much info as you need!! Come now! Its perfect! Town is quiet, and the pace is even more slow in the summer! (how that is possible I do not know) BUT IT IS!
  11. I love Key West, especially if it's your first time. There was an amazing bread and breakfast we stayed in...can't remember the name...i'll try to find it for you. Wasn't even that expensive but the rooms were HUGE and they had a secluded pool surrounded by tropical trees. It was just really nice. Must remember the name...