Florida Hotel Recommendations?


Dec 26, 2005

I am travelling to Orlando to go to Disney with my sister in a few weeks and the week after we will be staying at her house in New Port Ritchey. She and her husband have offered to watch the kids and let my husband and I have a mini vacation of three days and two nights - we've NEVER been able to do this and I am SO excited. We need to stay fairly close so I'm guessing, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Tampa .... somewhere in that vicinity. I am not real familiar with the Florida coast. :shame:

Would like some place with a divine pool and spa services. Near great shopping would be nice and of course near the beach would be nice too .... although the pool would be okay for me my husband would love the beach. Probably need someplace in the $150 a night range.

Any recommendations? Thanks!:biggrin:
we stayed at the Portofino hotel in Universal Studios last year and it was fun. Nice hotel...good food...and you can either walk or take the boat to the universal studios park and the city walk.

They also have a pool for kids and a quieter adults only pool (my saving grace!)
St. Pete and Tampa are closer to New Port Richey. Orlando is about an hour and a half away from the Tampa Bay area. There are lots of beautiful hotels in the St. Pete and Clearwater Beach area, I would check out the hotels in that area. Orlando has some great hotels in the Universal and Disney areas, but it's quite a haul from New Port Rickey. Besides, you'd be closer to the beach by staying in the Tampa area :biggrin: I'm a big fan of hotels.com, my cousin found a nice hotel here in Orlando when she planned a bachelorette party for a friend of hers.