Florida-Hermes ladies

  1. I will be in Orlando & Tampa from April21-26th, so if any of ya'll want to meet up...I'd love to see you. Is there any Hermes (store or inside a dept store) in Orlando or Tampa?
  2. Aw, Japster, I will be there the weekend before. Wish it were matching as I'd love to meet. No to your second question all Hermes stores are in Palm Beach and Bal Harbor.
  3. There is one in Naples as well...
  4. Intl Plaza in Tampa has a Neimans and there is a Saks not too far in another mall. I don't know if the Tampa Neimans has Hermes items though.
  5. Thanks Quinn's Mom, I forgot about Naples.
  6. There are also some interesting outlets in that area - I believe one has a Fendi outlet, along with Burberry and some others. The Fendi outlet is pretty small and honestly I haven't been there in ages, but I thought I'd mention it.
  7. I believe Neiman's in Tampa sells Hermes Scarves.
  8. I'm not sure the H store in Naples is worth the drive from Tampa or Orlando. It's very small, and even the scarf/accessory inventory is pretty sparse. It's a fairly new store, so maybe they just don't have any pull when it comes to getting inventory.

    Neiman Marcus in Tampa does have scarves, and after the SA told me that she had no pochettes, I stumbled upon a selection of pochettes scattered amongst the men's tie tables.
  9. you will only be able to find Hermes(scarves only) at Neiman's at Mall at Millienia here in Olrando. Enjoy your stay:smile:
  10. the neimans at int'l plaza does sell H scarves and ties...