Florentine Satchel w/Pockets in Violet

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  1. My Florentine satchel with pockets was delivered today!

    She's a big satchel, I did not measure it with one of the regular satchels but it's bigger than the small, so it might be the same size as the medium (which is the largest of all the satchels).

    The color is gorgeous! It's really difficult to capture on pics. Now I understand why when somebody posted pics of the hobo in violet it looked pink. I noticed that when the bag get too much light (like the flash or the outside light), the bag looks pink. If I had to call it something I'd say is very close magenta.

    I took a few pics to try to capture the color. The ones where the bag is outside (gray background) is where the bag looks more true to color, especially the side that looks darker because is not getting that much light.

    I noticed it has a different strap, not like the regular satchels. This one is doubled and more of a shoulder length. I actually like it this way. I think it can be changed to be single and longer, but I like it this way.

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  2. I think pics 1-3 shows the true color! You can see it better in the 3rd one.

    The second pic shows my pomegranate MK wallet, which is a bit darker.

    The 4th pic has too much light and looks pinkish.

    Look at this pic with my fuchsia dillen satchel. You can see how in this one, since it has too much light (flash and inside light), the violet looks like a softer pink, which is not accurate

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  3. is this purse heavy? I want one so badly. this is beautiful. I might have to get this anyway and just deal with the weight. love it, is it a keeper?

  4. It's almost 3.5 lbs with all the stuffing it came with. I think it depends how much weight you can carry. The other thing is that with the shorter strap, it doesn't feel as heavy as the regular Florentine satchel (the larger one).

    I'd recommend trying it at a store if you can and if not, order it and if you think it's too heavy, return it.

    Yes, she is a keeper!
  5. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! This color takes my breath away!! Gorgeous!! Thanks you for the reveal and the pictures. I feel like tomorrow is never going to get here. ) I was sort of hoping I wouldn't like it, because I went to the outlet today and bought another bag :green grin: now I think I'm in trouble.

  6. No problem!
    Oh, which one did you get?
  7. I got the Nubuk Chelsea Shopper in brown with the t-Moro trim. I know it's not exactly a spring bag, but it was 50% off and just so beautiful. I actually wanted the red one with the t-Moro trim but I talked myself out of it because I already have the red Stanwich and it's the same color combo. The other funny thing is I already owned the brown Nubuk Chelsea but returned it because I didn't think I'd use it. Hopeless really.... Now I'm obsessing about it and feel like I need the red one. (Sigh)
  8. Gorgeous, MB! Looks like Easter!
  9. WOW! It is just gorgeous!!! I love it!

  10. Nice one! Those have been tempting me every time I go!
    I love the red one too, but I the brown is more wearable! I'll have to see once I decide to get one on the color. Haven't thought too much about it. Congrats!

  11. Thanks! It has a nice little slouch to it, more than the pebbled leather Chelsea.
  12. That is a stunner! That is one bag I keep looking at a little bit more then the others. Definitely one of the favorites. Thank you so much for the pictures and color description. Color on pictures online is just this strong magenta, cant really get a feel of the richness.

    It si soooooo beautiful! Congrats, Im sure you will enjoy it!
  13. Congrats on your new violet bag! I've been contemplating a bag in this color and your descriptions are very helpful. Decision, decisions! Enjoy your new beauty.

  14. Thanks Sarah! I'm very happy with the color!

    Thank you TM!

    I imagine...I feel like a kid on a candy store when I go the dooney store...so many pretty bags...would love to take home all....but there's the money issue :lol: and the house issue - my bags already take a whole bedroom :lol:

    Thank you Nebo! Yeah, the color in those pics is really vibrant. I think I'd love it too if it was really that color but once I knew it was not accurate, it was difficult to decide. The pics on the Q show it more pink and the presentations a little more closer to true color, but you never know, so I was a bit nervous.

    I really like the style!

    Thank you H4M!
  15. Beautiful MaryBel, congrats!