Florence to Capri

  1. Hi,

    My friend and I are going to travel from Florence to Capri by train/boat in about a week. Do you think it is alright for us to take the night train leaving around 11:30 pm from the Florence train station traveling to Pompeii with a change at Salerno at 5am. From Pompeii we will take the
    Circumvesuviana (local train from Pompeii to Sorrento). The reason we are going this way instead of through Naples is we have heard some bad things about the central station and do not think it would be good for two girls traveling alone to be there at 4 or 5 am. Plus this way does not really add much time or money to the journey. I would like it if you could give me any advice/experiences you have had in any of these areas. Should we be worried? We will also be in Florence and Rome and any tips/observations in those areas would be great. I understand that you have to be careful like any big city but I have just heard many bad stories and am hoping you girls can alleviate some of my stress and help me enjoy these wonderful beautiful places. Thanks in advance!:yes:
  2. When I went, we took a bus from Rome to Sorrento and stayed a couple days so we could go go to Pompeii. Then from there we took a bus to Naples, and took a ferry to Capri. All of our travel was during the day and we didn't have any problems.

    I think you'll be fine... Just use common sense. Dress modestly, keep your money in your pockets, don't giggle and act silly, don't talk to strangers, stick together.
  3. Thanks for your help. Did you go in the summertime? I was looking into the Rome-Sorrento bus but it seemed to get us into Sorrento quite late like at 10pm?
  4. ^ Yea, it was June and it was sooooooo hot (high 30's + humid)! Make sure you have a water bottle with you! And wear sunscreen!!! Capri was the only place I got burnt during that trip. I don't usually get sunburned and it was spf 30, but you're a lot closer to the sun up there and the rays are strong! :yes:

    We didn't use public transport, we rode on a charter bus with another group. I can't remember exactly what time we got there but it was afternoon I think, because when we got to Sorrento we went and did a tour of a woodworking place, hit up a few shops, checked into the hotel, then had dinner. Sorrento was safe though-- I wouldn't be too worried about getting there at 10 if you can find a hotel really close to your stop.
  5. Hi! I am near Venezia, but I would love to give you some tips! :smile:

    I would say this:
    1) Don't take taxi unless you really can't do something different!! They are more expensive here in Italy than UK and USA! Also, in the past there were some taxi drivers who took advantage of foreigns asking more money than they should ask.
    2) Be very carefull of pickpockets! Especially when you enter/exit from the train station. It was a very sad news that children stolen from tourists' backpack and bags.
    3) Never trust anybody!
    4) Be prepaired to wind/rain/cold eventually because last week it was warm but this week it's freezy!
  6. Great travel tips!! I never made my Italian trip in 2007, but I will keep this in mind for next year. Maybe I'm naive, but I never thought of looking out for child pick-pockets:yucky:
  7. ^ There were VERY aggressive Gypsy children in the touristy parts of Rome trying to sell stuff (a lot of it looked stolen). I didn't see them pick anyone's pockets, but it wouldn't have surprised me at all :nogood:...
  8. Take a look at this:


    It's an official video that comes from the Questura (I can't explain it in English but it's like it comes from Police).
  9. Wow. I guess no big bags in Rome!! This was quite disturbing. In the US a few weeks ago a robbery ring was broken up, and they used children too, but they shop lifted inside a department store.

    This is so bad. It's like not only are the children exploited, they are being raised to not have a future. So sad.
  10. ^ :shocked: :blink:

    That one lady was surrounded by 3 or 4 kids! How did she not notice? :confused1: