1. Here are some of my favorite bags - starting with some of my old Coach bags that I didn't want to part with:
    DSCF1305.JPG DSCF1306.JPG

    The Chanel Cerf tote was my first 'biggie', followed by the Chanel 'Kelly', a Chanel clutch, the Pucci, and the Bottega Veneta.

    Over time I added this Chloe, a MiuMiu, Hogan and Tods.

    This year's darling, the Hermes Bolide, followed by Bottega Veneta campana, a Natalia croc with a vintage vibe, and a casual Bottega Veneta cloth hobo with leather trim.
  2. nice collection!
  3. great chanel collection!
  4. wow, awesome collection!
  5. great collection - love your Chanel Cerf
  6. GORGEOUS Chanels and you have such classic Coach's!
  7. Ooh what a nice, well rounded collection with some very unique bags!
  8. Love your collection-
  9. Love the Chanels and the Bolide!
  10. Oh, Florasun, "pathetically small" isn't how I'd describe your collection at all. It's the perfect, stream-lined "catch-all" bag wardrobe, definitely! :drool:
  11. Great collection of bags for every occation. Love your "old" Coaches, the leather seem much yummier than the newer ones. And you have an absolutely classic collection of Chanels.
  12. very nice collection
  13. Florasun -- I love your collection!! I tend to love neutral colored bags. I have a very similiar Coach black bucket bag from the early 1990s that's a favorite.

    I especially love the Bolide:heart:, Chanel Cerf and Pucci (because sometimes you need a little color too). Thanks for posting!!! Very elegant!!

    ps. I also love the view from your window!! Living in NYC I would kill for a view of trees. One of my goals for 2008 is to get out of NYC which I have a love/hate relationship with!
  14. Thanks for your nice comments everyone!

    acshih - several of the Coach bags are from when they were made here in the U.S.
    The Coaches were collected over about 10 yrs - there's not that many. The other three photos (plus a few unshown purses) were all bought in the past three years when purse insanity hit.

    Thanks jayjay! I hope you get trees too. We bought an old fixer-upper near a park. I thought living near a park would make up for the drawbacks of the house. In some ways it does, in others, not. I should be pouring my money into fixing the house, not purses.:push:
  15. Finally I see what's in Flora's collection! You've got some really nice nice bags, topped all off with Ms. Bolide! Very nice bags (and house too!).

    I should be spending more on my house too lol!