Floral Poppy Tote - opinions!

  1. I like it. I think it's very cute for the spring and summer. This would work if I was just going to the office but if I had a meeting than I wouldn't use it.
  2. Its cute!
  3. It's cute, but I wouldn't say it's a very professional bag.
  4. I think it is really cute for spring/summer months.
  5. It depends on where you work. I've always liked that bag, very cute!
  6. Agree with everyone else...

    I think it's a cute bag for summer. I wouldn't use it for work, though.
  7. not a fan!!!
  8. I don't care for it at all. just my opinion :smile:
  9. Thanks ladies. I agree it's not a work bag and probably not right at all for me.
  10. Sorry.. I don't like it.
  11. I have seen this bag in person on someone in brown. It is a lovely bag,
    unfortunately the suede does not wear very well and this lady had it on
    in brown. Just bear in mind that if you get this bag you will have to baby
    sit it because of the light color, though it is beautiful.
  12. not a fan at all, i think it looks like a fake (i know it's real, but it just looks sloppy to me). also, coach suede doesn't hold up amazingly well on bags as trim, i can't imagine having an all suede bag!
  13. When I was at the Coach outlet, I saw a girl with that bag on and she looked fantastic. I didn't realize it was Coach at first. I like it but I think it would be hard to keep it good shape b/c of the light suede.

    I don't know if it would be appropriate in a business setting.
  14. I didn't know they made this in pink! Does anyone know - Was the suede poppy an outlet bag?