1. The floral KEEPALL is up on Louisvuitton.com. It's called Canwan (in canwan canvas) and it's 885 £ which is as much as the soana sac plat in kangaroo... O.o

    However, there's no black version? What happened? Also I think it looks more like a 45 than a 50 (looks kind of small??) Unless they made it higher.

    I must admit, I like it even less now. I'm 100% sure I would never ever use a bag like this, still waiting for the black one though...

    (lol, I still think the Innsbruck is the prettiest of the show bags on the site..)
  2. I find it quite refreshing. But the print is really very common.
  3. I remember a seller on eBay
    who sold a small pouch with the black print in my opinion is hot but not so easy to use often
  4. I love this keepall, I wish I could buy one :smile:
  5. What's it look like?
  6. I'm not feeling this one....very ordinary
  7. even though this bag is for guys. i realy want it. lol.
  8. Right, mee too!!!:yes:
  9. Here you are!;)
  10. My store got one SUPER early, its nice but I dont like Hawaii print... not my thing
  11. Oh my, so not my style - no thanks, I prefer my monogram keepall instead!!!
  12. It's ok looking... :s
  13. I love it.
  14. not loving the keepall but I adore the hibiscus bandana and towel I love hibiscus it's a beautiful flower