Flora & Fauna

  1. I thought it would be nice to see jewelries in the flora & fauna shapes/inspirations.
    I'll start with:

    Grapes - a bunch of grapes with diamond for each grape
    Flower - diamonds for each petal, shaped like aflower
    Flower - 24k yellow-gold stud earrings (24k is too soft as you can see a petal is missing)
    diamond grape necklace front.JPG diamond flower like ring.jpg 24k flower earring.JPG
  2. Oooohh, Yummy!! So pretty!! Great idea for a thread! xxx

    If my camera was working I would photograph some of the stuff I have in a Rene Lalique book I have,its just to die for its so beautiful!!
  3. Butterfly ring - sapphires in yellow gold
    Butterfly necklace - diamond in yellow gold (I've had this since I was 10!)
    Lady Bug - enamel with diamonds (often imitated with man-made stones)
    Monkey - jade necklace
    sapphired butterfly ring_weblg.JPG yg butterfly necklace.JPG diamond enameled lady bug brooch.JPG jade monkey necklace front.JPG jade monkey necklace back.JPG
  4. Flower - sterling silver antique ring
    Flower - white gold with pearl
    Leopard - yellow gold bracelet with amethyst
    ss antique flower.JPG pearl wg flower ring.JPG yg amethyst leopard bracelet.JPG
  5. Duck - costume jewelry - earring, brooch, necklace

    from my boys when they were little - the 3 boys combined their money and bought me this for Christmas! So precious to me :heart:
    duck set gift boys.JPG
  6. Jane you have some yummy peices!!
  7. Thanks Chaz! Go get that camera working so I can see some eye-candies!!!