floor seat tickets lost and game already happened

  1. ok, so i won some tickets to a game and the seller sent them on nov. 2 priority mail with delivery confirmation. they didn't insure it but we thought that is would arrive in plenty of time since the game is today. well, the mail already came and there is still no tickets. is there anything that can be done? i mean will usps reimburse one of us the amount since the tickets can't be returned? priority mail typically says 2-3 days so i don't know if both the seller and i are out the money. help...
  2. They say 2-3 days for priority mail but they don't guarantee delivery date, so I am not sure they would do anything for you as it is not sure it is lost and even if it is lost, it is not insured. Unfortunately, on occasion, I have had priority mail take as long as 2 weeks.
  3. oh man, that really sucks! I hope you guys could come to a reasonable resolution. I would be so MAD!!!
  4. Did the seller seem willing to refund? Maybe you can contact your credit card company.
  5. Contact the seller asap.
    Maybe he can contact ticketmaster , etc or whatever company he purchased these tickets from, and maybe change preferences to printing out the tickets?
    I know most places use bar codes now, and tickets can be reprinted in some cases.
    It's worth a check!!
  6. so the post office won't be able to do anything either?
    i will see if they can contact the people they got the tickets from
  7. ^That is a good idea! Definitely worth a try, I had thought the game was already past from the title, but re-reading it, I see it is later today.
  8. Yes you can always try. The seller should have some kind of confirmation which will enable replacement tickets. You will have to check Paypal about ticket sales, I think there is a policy on it.
  9. ok, so the seller bought the tickets from someone else and his wife made otehr plans and they couldn't go to the game so he was selling them again. so he can't get them from ticketmaster. i hate being out and him being out. the p.o shows it being scanned and leaving his town but don't know where it is now. i went to the p.o. and they said it isn't in the state yet.
  10. you should actually be able to file a claim with paypal and recoup the money
  11. Seller is responsible for getting you what you paid for. Doesn't matter if you choose not to insure.
  12. Sad thing is, seller did send out in a method that paypal says to use, seller did use delivery conformation so to be honest... it looks like the buyer is out. If the seller can prove they sent out in a timely manner using delivery conformation, I believe that is all that is required as a seller cannot be held responsible for post office delays etc. The best option here would really have been next day w/ signature required.
  13. I tend to agree, I think you were just unlucky for not getting them sent out in a quicker way. But there's no harm in contacting eBay and asking them, there is the eBay Live chat I think where you can ask this kind of question. Next time use Stubhub which has a system in place to get the tickets out in time and a refund system for when things don't work out.
  14. yay, he refunded my $$ but i guess he really lost out on $$. thanks everyone!
  15. That was nice of the seller, glad it worked out!