Floor Model Discount?

  1. Does anyone know if the boutiques ever give a discount on floor models? There is a Legacy Sig Shoulder bag that has a couple scratches on the bottom and of course it is the last one. I am heading over to check it out after work to see if it's noticable. TIA!
  2. i'm not sure, but it's worth a try. I hope you get a good bargin price:smile:
  3. I didn't on the signature stripe punch cosmetic cases I bought...but I didn't ask...and they did offer to have other ones sent to me if I preferred....
  4. Thanks everyone! We'll see how it goes!
  5. The outlet does Final Sales. (I don't know about Boutiques)

    That's how I bought my Mandy and Zoe bags!

    I asked if they could be marked down more, and it worked!:yes:
  6. Wow! I didn't know you could bargain with the SAs at an outlet!

    Yay for you, handbglvr! :yes:
  7. LOL! Thanks!
    I've been frequenting the outlet for a year and know both managers on a first name basis!
    There were marks on both bags, so I asked if they could be discounted even more, and they said YES!
    My sister couldn't believe it!
    It doesn't hurt to try!
  8. Yeah, at the outlets sometimes they will go down further, sometimes not. I asked about the last suede lilac pieces at my outlet because they had pen marks, but they said no since they were on clearance. Other times, they've given me the half off.
  9. Sorry for being a dud, but do they offer commissions to their sales associates?

    I have only worked retailed during highschool and I was never offered commission so I have no idea how it works now. =P
  10. I believe Coach associates work on commission.
  11. I asked for a bag to be marked down at the outlet because the leather zipper pull was torn off partially. They said they could do it but that it would be final sale and would have no warrenty. They offered to send the bag in for repairs instead for me.
  12. We do not actually work on commission, it's a very frequently asked question at the store!

    Also to the original poster - no discount on floor models in the full price stores. HTH
  13. I thought the same Sprinkles. They had a Pink Legacy Flap at KofP last week and it had red ink on it. The guy mentioned they don't mark the bags down. I guess everyone would be walking around the Coach Store putting ink on bags.

    The stores should have an ink pen check in before they allow people to hold a bag.
  14. Thanks again everyone! I couldn't make it over to Copley after work so I am taking that as a sign to wait a bit!