Floor bags vs backroom bags

May 14, 2014
Are there any differences between the bags that are in drawers on floor vs the bags that are in the backroom?


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Jul 3, 2015
I had a SA once say "I've got a newer one in the back I'll box up for you", which makes me think maybe they do that to be nice and give you a "new" bag versus the ones people have had their hands on for days/weeks and/or the bags that are folded and put in a drawer behind the counter..
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Aug 24, 2010
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I know my SA for few years. And she know I always want the new one. She never give me floor/drawer bag. If it was the last piece, she always inform me upfront.. From what i know, the floor/drawer bag is a display bag that everyone can try. While the new one is in the backroom..
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May 27, 2009
I guess regardless if it's a floor bag, or back store bag, you would still need to check it. I have been given back store, 'new one', where it has had scratches etc..., and then the floor one looks fine. From what I heard, they rotate their floor bags and back store bags anyway. As long as it looks new and nothing wrong with it, then I'm happy. How do you know the back store bag isn't one that was returned from a previous customer that changed their mind??


Jan 30, 2013
I was concerned about this when I purchased my Zippy Retiro wallet in April. I bought the one in the display case. It was new. It smelled new and I know they just got them in a few days prior to me seeing this wallet. It was so new that it was not even on the web site until over a month later.

I did ask if there was another wallet, not the one in the case, and the SA told me we have one in the drawer here and none in the back. She said that it was brand new and had only been in the store for a few days so I wasn't worried. I checked it thoroughly and I was satisfied. Til this day it still smells brand new. Ahh that new leather smell! Intoxicating.

Now my Speedy B 40 is another case all together. The one I purchased was the only one in the store and it was in the back. When I came in with my DH to buy it, they didn't even have one out on the floor to inspect and when I asked to see it I was told they have only one in the back. It wasn't a popular bag and they never get that size in regularly, only once in a while. When she brought it out it was beautiful, and new looking although all folded up and creased. I saw a stain on the inside of the back handle and I checked the date code. It was 6 months old at the time of purchase. I asked how long had this bag been in the back and she told me they had a it several months. Not sure if they actually had it the entire 6 months the date code specified but I bought it anyway. I fell in love with it and wasn't going to wait to get a newer fresher one, this one was perfect. It was funny too because the other SA's kept taking peaks at me inspecting the bag and one who was in the back room peaked out a few times at me. I thought it was funny but I knew they were curious as to if I would buy this big Speedy or opt out and ask for a smaller one. I'm sure I surprised them when I loved it and bought it.

My next LV bag purchase I will ask if there are others in the back again. Hopefully it won't be 6 months old at the time of purchase. LOL!! No matter what bag or SLG you get from the case, drawer or from the back, you should always check them thoroughly.
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Mar 20, 2015
I've seen my SA grab bags from the backroom to show me. She put the ones I didn't get (from backroom) into the drawers. I've also seen her put stuff (that were originally in the drawers) back to the backroom because she was moving bags around and ended up with no more room in the drawers.

Unless you are buying bags like the neverfull and speedy (stuff in the more permanent collection), you are not likely to find backroom stocks or multiples (that haven't been touched) for popular and seasonal items. My SA told me that for these items, they usually only get 1 each order and they are not going to leave it in the backroom.


Aug 3, 2014
In most cases, the bag or wallet you are seeing in the store has been placed there just before you walked in. There is a huge turnover of stock at Louis Vuitton boutiques. Many items are sold from the store floor and replaced with a new piece several times per day.

To me, it's useless to worry about stock or floor. Because an item comes from the back doesn't guarantee anything. If a customer wanted me to say it had never been touched... then I would tell them what they want to hear: it's about making the sale. Don't be naive about retail employees.

So... Check the bag thoroughly and only buy it if it meets your standards.