Flooding and weather in England

  1. Oh my goodness I just can't believe how terrible the weather is. Thankfully I am in Hertfordshire and I don't think it is going to flood but right now the rain is just pouring down. I am almost forgetting it is summer.

    Last summer was so nice and it is unbelievable to think that Europe is in the midst of a heatwave!

    Has anyone here been flooded? Do you know if we are going to get a summer at all?:crybaby:
  2. awww, rosieroseanna, so sorry to hear about the weather. i grew up in surrey, and i've heard about the thames practically overflowing! sending you happy california (that's where i live now-- what a change!) sunshine vibes and lots of love to my fellow brit-tPFers. :heart:
  3. the weather is crazy here.
    i live in the north east and drove 30 miles to visit family today and on the way home i had to pull over because there was so much water on the A19.
  4. Parts of Norway have been flooded to, but the worst is over now I think. I hope you're all doing ok over there and that the weather will clear up for my visit next week. =P
  5. Does anyone know if it is going to be like this through the rest of July and August? Are we going to get a proper summer at all?!!!
  6. I am in london and even some parts of Barnet are now suffering, its crazy, they are giving out free water for them, the army is doing a lot of work, keeping control and rescuing people.
    I have heard we may have a shortish summer in Sept!!That is terrible, we never get much sun and now even the tiny bit we get is not on.
    I really feel for people that have had to cancel wedding receptions due to flooded venues, lots of businesses are closed due to damaged stock and more importantly, lots of people have lost their items, its really sad.
    Hopefully the rain will stop now.
  7. It's been fine in Bristol despite having freak rainshowers with blue and cloudy skies :push:
  8. I hope you all are OK, especially those in the countryside. My area in London is ok though I heard a lot of commercial property got flooded...
  9. Some are saying that the rain will continue through July and August, but improve in September.

    The weather is soooo depressing!!:tdown:
  10. I hope we get some sun :sad:
    Last summer was SO hot.. well for the UK it was!
  11. I am just watching GMTV and they said from next week the weather is going to be in the 80's and August will be really lovely! Yay! :yahoo:
  12. I was wondering how our TPFers who live in England were doing! I heard about the terrible weather on the nightly news a few days ago. They had scenes of people being rescued and water covering cars. They said it was comparable to the Katrina disaster.
  13. Down on the South Coast its fine, not flooded at all. We are protected a bit by the South Downs and we also have the sea which of course takes a lot before it floods over the coast (although I don't want to speak too soon).

    Down here at the moment, it is supposed to be nice for today and tomorrow, then rain again for Sunday and next week is supposed to be nice - but that may change tomorrow!!

    I've heard that we may get a little summer in September!
  14. Edinburgh has been ok. I mean, it's raining on and off all the time, but nothing serious.

    I can't believe what is happening in the rest of the country. Breaks my heart seeing all those families with their homes destroyed by the flooding.:sad:
  15. Hope you all dry out soon !!!!!