Flirty Women Victimize Well-Dressed Men


    Flirty Women Victimize Well-Dressed Men

    Fri Feb 8, 11:08 PM EST

    DALLAS — Well-dressed men at posh Dallas hotels and bars are being targeted by a ring of flirtatious women who may be drugging them before swiping their watches and other expensive items, police said.
    One man was hurt after possibly being beaten with a high-heeled shoe, police said. Another lost his wallet while in his car with his pants around his ankles.
    About a half-dozen men have reported falling victim to the scheme, Dallas police detective Mark Jenkins said. Many were business travelers, and Jenkins suspects there are others too embarrassed to file police reports.
    "I don't know if so much it's that the men are being attracted to them, as that (the suspects) are more or less forcing themselves on the men," Jenkins said.
    The stylish W hotel in downtown Dallas is among the places where the alleged thefts began. Authorities said the women knew that were looking for; several of the victims wore Rolex watches.
    The women have histories as prostitutes, Jenkins said.
    In one case, police said a 37-year-old Tampa, Fla., executive lost his iPod, laptop and $4,000 watch after accepting a beer from one of the women.
    The women may be slipping drugs into the drinks of their victims, police said.
    Information from: The Dallas Morning News,
  2. I heard this on the news a day or so ago. . .
    it actually made me laugh a little when they said there's VERY likely more men that won't ever come forward . . they don't want their wives to find out!
  3. It would be funny if it wasn't a serious crime that these girls are committing.
  4. I didn't say what the girls did was funny.
  5. Oh yeah I heard about this on local radio...crazy!
  6. date rape drug in reverse.

    when you think you heard them all...

  7. I don't think swanky was laughing at the misfortune of these men- she was more commenting on the irony around the fact that a few of them may have been up to no good when the incidents occurred.
  8. right on sistah! Had these men been behaving honorably, this wouldn't have happened, NOT excusing the crime, just noting the irony.

    DH travels a lot. . . now if he ever tells me his Tag, laptop and Blackberry are missing or stolen I'll know what really happened!:lol:
  9. ^^
    At this point, the men would be better off saying the items were stolen by aliens.
  10. seriously!:yes:
  11. I wasn't having a go at Swanky.....I was making an observation that I would have found it funny if it wasn't serious...sorry I should have worded it differently!
  12. It's OK, its the internet and sometimes hard to reckon what idea someone is trying to convey! :yes:
  13. It sounds like the plot of some low-budget movie! :lol:
  14. Hmmm... this has been happening for years. It's called marriage. And it works both ways.

    JUST KIDDING - smile.