Flirting !

  1. At what point in a flirtatious conversation should you mention you have a significant other ?
  2. at the point you want the flirting to end, perhaps?
  3. I think innocent flirting is harmless....but as soon as it appears the other person is taking it more seriously or hints that they want to take it a step further the SO should be mentioned.
  4. It shouldn't even start IMO. BF is so clueless when a girl is trying ot pick him up anyway.

    Girl: I work and live in Baltimore! We're not that far!
    BF: Yeah, I come up here on weekends.
    Girl: Well if you're in Baltimore anytime and needed somewhere else to stay-
    BF: Nah, that's not gonna happen.
    Girl: Well I'm just saying if you are and needed to crash-
    BF: My home's not that far. I'll just drive home.
    Girl: .....

    I'm horrified yet laughing inside hysterically. Poor girl. And no, she wasn't just being friendly......she was being flirty.
  5. :lol:
  6. My boyfriend knows I'm a flirt and it doesn't bother him. He knows it's not going anywhere, but it helps in day to day life sometimes.
  7. NEVER for me since I have no SO! Unless the guy I'm talking to is a big tool and I want to get rid of him, in which case the imaginary SO comes into play...
  8. in my present relationship, since it is very serious, I don't even go there... i don't want to be lured into temptation.:angel:
  9. I get very uncomfortable in flirting situations. I don't want the other person to get the wrong idea and I'm very sensitive about it for some reason.

    My husband doesn't even realize he's flirting sometimes...he's always been a very subtle flirter but I know when he is and it's kind of funny. But I know I have nothing to worry about with him.
  10. I think it should be inferred right away that you have a SO so there is no misunderstanding. There is nothing wrong with friendly conversation...I guess some might interpret that as flirting but it doesn't have to be. Add in come hither looks and touching and that's outright flirting IMO which one should NOT do when you have a SO.
  11. I am with you..
  12. My friend flirts with guys a lot and she has a boyfriend but everybody she flirts with knows and nobody takes it seriously. though it does annoy an awful lot of people.
  13. I don't know!!! I wish someone could tell me.. Everyone says that I'm a flirt by nature except ME! I personally think I'm just being friendly, since I try to be as easy to talk to as possible.. and guys take it the wrong way.. and then when they find out I have a BF, they call me a tease. :Push:

    I guess it's more difficult because the situation that I usually meet guys in are very social (ie parties).. so everyone just assumes that if you're there and you're not with some guy, then you MUST be single! :shrugs:

    My BF hates it though that I always have some guy or another trailing after me at parties. I try to break it to them as gently (but straight-forward!) as possible.. but most don't get it. Or they think I'm just giving an excuse.
  14. Totally depends on the situation. I agree that a little innocent flirting is harmless.
  15. ^ Agreed, it depend on how serious the conversation is getting. I think innocent flirting is harmless as well.

    Sometimes men will flirt with me right in front of my boyfriend and he doesn't have a problem with it unless it gets out of hand.