FLIRT! Cosmetics Serena Williams LE Charm Lip Glosses

  1. Ladies, I have always been a MAC addict, but on a whim today I checked out the cosmetics area at Kohls and discovered FLIRT!-- which looks like MAC, but obviously costs less $$. What really caught my eye was the LE Serena Williams lip gloss on a keychain with a star charm. Comes in a darker set (gold and red gloss) and lighter set (beige shimmer and dark coral)-- I bought the lighter ones.
    These glosses rock, and the best part was that they are 10% off right now.
    Sooo, if you are a MAC addict like myself and want to try something different but a little cheaper (perhaps you are saving up for another bag like myself!) this was an A+ in my book. :love:
  2. Actually they're both owned by the same company-Estee' Lauder. And yes; the squeeze me tubes are delicious!
  3. Ah! Makes sense why MAC never sued (he he!)! I think the brand is actually underrated. Lots of great stuff for less!