Flippin' Locks!

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  1. Do you find that the lock on your Paddington satchel flips to the back side when you're carrying the bag? Not only that, but after removing something from the bag and flipping the lock over the front, the shape needs adjusting so the bag doesn't hang lopsided. If the contents shift when carried it can be a pain as well.

    I love the style of the Paddington but am starting to get annoyed spending the time adjusting my lock/bag when wearing it. I only deal because I love the shape/style so much. I can't wear it with the lock flipped backward; it has to be perfect!
  2. I know exactly what you mean! That lock is irritating, isn't it? I think it adds a wee bit of extra weight as well. However...I am going to an all-day family reunion tomorrow and I have chosen my Paddy to accompany me because it is such a beautiful bag and I know my SIL will be jealous.
  3. ^^^^
  4. I take the locks off my Chloes. I only carried one with a lock once, found it to be annoying. Between the flipping and the clunking on counters, I decided to take the lock off when I use a bag.

    I know it is part of the "look", but I love my Choles just as much lockless.
  5. I totally understand what you are talking about. I take the lock out and put it back on around the left side of the loop....opposed to the right. with my sable...it'll flip no matter what side I put it on...but doesn't happen that often when its on the left side....the lock flippin really peeves me too...... my stuff does really shift beause they are mostly in the side pockets... I have only my wallet and identification in my bag.
  6. Like D & G I have taken the lock off, flipped it around, put it back on and it still ends up flipping to the back side. It almost defies physics how the lock can flip! I have to say I have been going "lockless" a lot.
  7. Confession: while rushing around house-hunting, I was getting really annoyed with my lock and I flipped it up so hard it clocked me on the chin HARD!! DOH!! :Push:
  8. ^ Oww... I'm sorry... that sounds painful. :sad:

    I noticed the same lock problem... It keeps flipping over to the back side. I always have to take a few minutes to adjust it. :Push:
  9. I don't use mine either and actually prefer the way the bag looks without it.
  10. I took mine off, too - I like to think I've personalised it now!
  11. i thought this was blasphemous to admit but since others have posted too...i have always loved the paddington bag (leather, style, etc) but don't like the lock...but i'm now planning to buy my first paddington (the shoulder strap version nwpurselover posted on another thread) and i think it will look just as good without it!
  12. Almost all my paddies have the same thing; flipping locks. they tend to turn around and show the screws... The loaf is the only one not doing that :P
  13. It used to annoy me, but now I just leave it alone and let it lie the way it wants.
    But yeah, it ALWAYS flips that way no matter how many different ways I put the lock on.
  14. Hey me too! nwpurselover's thread made me completely obsessed. I ordered the Paddy shoulder bag last week, and can't wait for it to get here. :wlae: Mmmmm, chocolatey leather...

    I haven't had a Paddington before so I thought this might be considered blasphemous too, but I had thought that if the lock bugs me I might move it from the front of the bag to one of the rings that attaches the shoulder strap. Or, if the lock seems too heavy, I might take it off completely and use it as a key ring. Kinda like the crystal one NM has for $615:
  15. I finally carried my ivory paddy last night and the flippin lock flipped all over the place. I paid it no mind but just straightened it out nicely when she was perched next to me, motionless, during dinner.
    BTW, I absolutely loved carrying the paddy...Chanels and bbags are now quite jealous!