Flipped up tab on speedy?

  1. So im kind of considering the mono speedy 25 on let-trade but I noticed the made in France tab is kinda "flipped up" lol and I was wondering if that was fixable ?? ..Heres a pic too, TIA :smile:
  2. i think it can be flipped down with just a touch..doesnt look as though it is permenantly that way.
  3. Oh I wouldn't worry about that. Looks like you could just sorta bend it back down and it will eventually stay. Very minor I think. Pretty bag (I am partial...that is my favorite bag ever!)

  4. By the way, beautiful patina on that bag. Looks like it's in nice condition too.
  5. clean with a baby wipe or damp cloth and place it downwards or against a wall. its leather. it can be reshaped. :smile:
  6. Thanks for the fast responses guys :smile: Im definitely considering this bag!
  7. Mine was like that when i got it brand new, it is from being folded and stored, if you aren't careful to turn the tab under when you put it away that flip happens. I just flipped it under for a day and it was fixed :smile:
  8. My 30 curls all the way up.

    I LOVE it, I will post pics in a minute!
  9. Yup, it doesn't look bad at all!!! I think it looks cuter that way!
  10. You should definitely buy it!! I'ts very fixable!
  11. I just saw that bag on let-trade and thought it was cute, too. It looks to be in really good condition. I'm sure the flipped up tab can be "trained" to go back down! You should buy it!!! I just got a 30 from them last week and i LOVE it! Go for it :biggrin:
  12. Isn't the flipped up the tab where you would have your lock? If so, the lock would weigh it down so it won't flip up anymore.
  13. Never mind what I just said above.... the lock would be on the other tab when the zipper is zipped up. Sorry!

  14. Nope it's the other tab with the "Made in"

    cuute bag,get it! ;)