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    web: http://www.flipflopstyle.com

  2. I am so sorry...but this site does not really "fit" with this site. Very low end shoes....
  3. ^^6huh? People post codes for Old Navy too...that's not really high end either! We take all deals :smile:
  4. as far as i think beautiful and fashionable things don't have to cost a fortune...sometimes you get lucky and find the fitting flipflops to your favourite top in the colour you've been searching for forever - it's about style and not money.
    i mean who doesn't love to shop in flipflops instead of louboutins from time to time ;)
    so I love deals about that stuff as well as any other deals. please keep posting :tup:
  5. I personally apologize to any member who might be offended by my posting a sale that is not to their liking. Shopping for sales has become a hobby for me, and in doing so, I find that I am signed up for hundreds of newsletters. Most are from stores at which I have never shopped, but in the event someone else might benefit from the sale, I post it on the forum. I don't take the time to review each one to discern whether the items sold are expensive enough to deserve or warrant being posted. Like twiggers said, there have been posts for Old Navy ...and I'll add Target,TJ Max, and Marshalls as well, just to name a few. I agree with littlemisskitty...beautiful things don't have to cost a fortune. However, nicemeryla, if I have offended you by my posting the sale, I truly am sorry.
  6. Thanks so much, babachondriac! I just placed an order for 4 dog sweaters, 2 cat pillows and one purse charm for a total of under $30. You rock! I am sure my doggie will have a very beautiful winter walk in the park.
  7. Wow!! lauhei...all that for under $30???!! I'm impressed! Earlier, I had looked over the website(out of concern) and didn't see anything for pets! Going back to the site, I see those items in the clearance section....Cute!! Thanks for the kind words! I hope you love everything that you ordered...I'll be interested to hear when it arrives.
  8. Bagachrondriac, I for one really appreciate all the sale info you post! So thank you and I usually check out the sales and have bought a bunch of things!

  9. VPS...I thank you for your kind words. I know that I benefit quite frequently from the sales posted by other members, so I just try to reciprocate.
  10. Thanks so much! any deal is a great deal. I really appreciate it too!
  11. Is she kidding????? Just today I was just returning an item at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills in my $7.50 H&M sundress and my very comfy "low end" Havaiana flip flops and was treated like any other customer. A girl loves a bargain no matter what price range. So keep them coming Bagachondriac, you have good taste!
  12. Thanks to everyone for your kind remarks and support.
  13. I agree! I love a sale. Thank you for posting the information :smile:
  14. Yupp, thanks for taking the time to post the code! I added that link to my favorites. I love Havianas (sp?). :yes: I really want to order something, but I just spent a substantial amount on bluefly. :yes:
  15. Bottom line Bagachondriac, you have 990 posts compared to nicemeryla's measely 10. This in itself shows that YOU indeed, have your finger on the pulse of what we're all about!!!!! Others?.....not so much!
    We weclome your info!! THanks for it!