Flip side question: What things do SAs do that customers love or hate?

  1. Inspired by the responses to my last thread, I am posing the flip side of the question:
    What are things that Hermes SAs sometimes do that you love? Hate?

    I will take a stab at this:


    When you are looking for something not on display and they offer to go look in the back. Even if it turns out not to be there, it makes you feel good and encourages you to come back to the store.
    When they call you about something you have been looking for.
    When they search for something in another store and charge/send it to you.
    Of course, when they are nice to you.


    When they tell you there is no hope that you will ever get a birkin bag from them because you are not a VIP or a movie star.
    When they tell you they have no [fill in the blank], then some rich-looking old guy walks in and says, do you have any [fill in the blank], they say yes yes and come back with five big orange boxes.
  2. My SA remembers my little doxies and asks me about them in conversation. Of course, I always remember her dog's name too!

    It's sweet, personal but not an intrusive question....
  3. Ooohh...I like this one...OK

    When a very inexperienced SA at Mad Ave tried to make me look like a fool by saying, "the evelyne doesn't come with an outside pocket, does it?" to the SA next to her!! Ha ha....duuuuhhhhh!!

    When the new love of my life, my SA at Riverside has a BIRKIN!!!!!!!!
  4. LOL! I wonder how many responses will we get on this thread. Hermes staff visit tPF all the time.
  5. LOVE:
    I love when they remember my name and ask after my babies and husband.
    I love when my SA will say, "Do you have a minute - I have something special in the back that I think you might like to consider." And brings out something spectacular.
    I love when my SA will tell me what colors look best with my coloring.
    I love when my SA will tell me what size bag looks best on my figure.
    I love when my SA doesn't allow themselves to be interrupted while they are working with me.
    I love when my SA says to another customer that has run up to snatch the Birkin I am considering, "Madame, this bag is being considered by this lady first. Please wait your turn."
    I love when my SA is willing to spend time discussing leathers and helping me learn the French pronunciation of the products.
    I love when my SA offers me Champagne, Tea or goodies for my children.
    I love when my SA offers to hold something for me until I figure out if I want it.
    I love when my SA tells me they love how much I love the brand.
    I love when my SA escorts me to the SALE and will chat up my husband so I can power shop in peace.
    I love when my SA tells me the price of things before I ask.

    I hate when SA's are rude to new customers just walking in without apparent reason.
    I hate when SA's whisper to each other in front of you.
    I hate when SA's don't return calls.
    I hate having to track down an SA for help.
    I hate when SA's don't take something out of the display case that you ask about.
    I hate when SA's are looking past you at other people walking in, while you are speaking.
    I hate when SA's bump you for some celebrity that just walked into the store.
    I hate when SA's act like they are doing you a massive favor by even speaking to you.
  6. Love:
    - kindness and attentiveness
    - when I call and inquire about a non-birkin/kelly item and if they have it, automatically offer to put it on hold

    - snootiness
    - being ignored
    - when an SA puts down another label to your face, after you tell them you have just purchased from said label.
  7. Hate
    When an SA is snooty to you several times in a row.

    When you see the same SA dressed in a bright orange, oversized t-shirt, manning the sales, completely out of their depth, with baying bargain hunting women stalking them.

  8. Did you go up and say "Hi"? :roflmfao:
  9. Love all the above mentions

    I HATE:

    When an SA (not regular) has tried to talk me out of what I really want (in a particular case, a Kelly) and into what I don't (a Lindy)....then gives you attitude when you buy the Kelly.
  10. I love it when an SA remembers something about my personal life, like my dogs or my career and opens a conversation about that and not "what I am looking for?". At this point I go into H so much, I probably only buy 10% of the time, but I am always on the look out and I like to be welcomed.
  11. Love the champagne...
  12. I do really love it when they offer me something to drink b/c they remember I've driven hours to get there. I also love that the manager always remembers me and comes over to greet me whenever I go in. It makes me feel appreciated :smile:
  13. I LOVE being treated well even when I am just buying a small gavroche or scarf. To me, it says that SAs understand that every customer who plunks down a credit card is important because we all contribute to the success of the brand. Besides, as any wise SA knows, a happy customer will come back for more and probably bigger items!

    My pet peeve in any store but H too is when I walk into a store and am not greeted with a simple "hello." Maybe I just got too used to this living in France where it is automatic to greet a customer, but I really dislike being ignored. Being left alone to browse is OK, even preferable, but it's important to me to have somebody say hello and let me know that if I need anything, they're more than happy to help.

    Overall though I'm happy to report that my interactions with Hermes SAs have all been positive. I've sometimes had trouble flagging someone down to help me but once I manage to, they have all been super nice. Of course, I'm the kind of customer who won't settle for no service. I have been known to ask security guards to help me when SAs are too snooty to look my way (this always embarrasses them, LOL) or even to grab the display model and take it over to the cashwrap if no one helps me- I have no shame!
  14. LOVE
    When my SA calls and offers me Kellys on the off chance I might like them.
    When a SA who doesn't know me from Eve takes out 3 Birkins from the back, of course I buy 1!

    When I ask an SA "Is that a Kelly 28on the shelf?" and she says "It's the same size as yours" (rolling eyes). Turns out I am right and mine is a 32.
    When a SA folding scarves refuses to acknowledge me even when I ask about a twilly and a scarf. So I take my business elsewhere...
  15. love:
    SA that makes me feel comfortable when i am in the store.She/he doesn't need do anything extra special,just keep a nice smile on the face is more than enough to me.

    SA that tells me that I can't view anymore scarves 'cause I had hit the "daily limit".