Flip Flops a Flip or a Flop ??

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  1. I always have a problem with flip flops they hurt my toes and I carn't wear them for long because my feet begin to hurt.
    I would never wear them on the streets of NYC, the streets are so dirty in the Summer. I took them on vacation with me and ended up leaving them there.

    How about you ? Do you love them ? Can you wear them ?
  2. Not a flip-flop fan. My friends know how to work them, but I'm a bit of a tomboy (4 brothers) and stick to either sneakers or heels.
  3. Well I live in CA. so basically that is almost all I have in my shoe collection. Im a flip flop girl rain or shine.
  4. For me, they're a flop. I wear to the pool and that's it.
  5. LOVE flip-flops :love: i have them in almost every color :biggrin:
    anyone like Havaianas flipflops? I think they're soo comfy :lol::lol:
  6. I hate flip flops. I prefer chinese slipper type sandle things instead.
  7. I think that flip flops look good with that whole Abercrombie look -- my son wears his all winter unless there's snow (he is really into A&F) but personally I prefer the Mephisto Helen thong sandals -- they are really comfortable but as open as a pair of flip flops
  8. Sorry but I love flip flops ( or thongs to our australasian friends ). They are the ultimate shoe and I live in London where the streets are no doubt as dirty as NY - I would wear them all year long if we had the weather. They do hurt but usually only when you swap from summer to winter shoes and your feet aren't used to the them - after a few weeks the blisters between your toes subside!

    Birkenstocks are the best though ( very trendy in London in the summer )
  9. Flop for me. They just don't work. They can hurt too! Too much of my foot is exposed.
  10. Not my thing, but they look very comfortable! If I had to choose I would get the black ones :P
  11. I love flip flops, they're unbelievably comfy. :love: I especially love Hollister ones.
  12. Same here. It's been really cold lately though...can't wait for it to warm up and break out Old Navy 2 for $5 flip flops!
  13. I also love them! Pradasmeadow, they used to hurt me also, and I couldn't wear them, I think you have to kinda learn how to walk in them, because before I would be pressing in between my toes...into the thong part! ouch*
  14. i love flip fops i can where them all the time
  15. I dig flip flops just as much as the next girl, but I think they have contributed to the demise of American dressing. Flip flops are just not appropriate footwear for some situations.