Flip Flop Frenzy!

  1. Anyone interested in seeing my knitted flip flops? I think they are so cute!
    flipflop9.jpg flipflop10.jpg flipflop8.jpg
  2. Can you stand to see more?.....
  3. Just can't stop....:nuts:
    39796_138799006152903_100000684124562_230887_5975629_n.jpg 37783_138798596152944_100000684124562_230886_428261_n.jpg 35945_138798242819646_100000684124562_230885_1229155_n.jpg
  4. ^ Those are pretty cute!
  5. super cute! do you just buy flip flops and then re-create the straps?
  6. ^^^Yep, They are on sale everywhere for like a buck! And there's even more, more, more.....:yahoo:
    38688_138797959486341_100000684124562_230884_7057359_n.jpg 39195_138796172819853_100000684124562_230881_6955734_n.jpg 39212_138796806153123_100000684124562_230883_1607236_n.jpg
  7. These are cute.
  8. If anyone wants to know how to knit these just PM me and I will send directions. :p
  9. thanks for the offer lkooyman! but i have WAAAAAAY too many projects/things i want to try now as it is lol

    do you have an etsy shop?? if not you should think about opening one up.
  10. ^^^ Thank You so much for the kind words! My DH keeps asking me when I'm gonna start making money at this. I will definitely look into it. :p
  11. Oh my goodness these are so cute. I've seen these altered flip flops in kiosks.
    I am a knitting school drop-out ( literally, there were nine year old girls in the class who fared better!) Are they difficult to create?
  12. Sorry Kymmie for not responding sooner, I was in Ely until today. They are not difficult- just awkward to hold. I use double point needles and knit right on to the strap. They are great for using up scrap yarns.
  13. super cute!!! I :heart: flip flops!
  14. Cute! They don't stretch?
  15. What a cute idea! Just curious, does it get warn while wearing?