Flight within the US


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Dec 10, 2005
This summer my family want to fly from the UK to SF - then we want to fly around parts of amaeric - can you tell me a cheap website where I can book cheap internal flight within the US.

TIA :biggrin:
Southwest is awesome if you book in advance. Often times $49 each way. Within and near California. So if you are in SF it's perfect!

Jet Blue is also Great if you want to get from Coast to Coast! Just make sure to book more than 21 days in advance!

Before you commit double check prices with

Have lots of fun! SF is a blast, come down to S. California (LA, OC, & SD) if you can! We have wonderful weather and beaches! :smile: and lots of surfers! Marines and Sailors! :smile:
airtran does pretty cheap flights, too, and you can reserve your seats, unlike on southwest. i've seen internal flights for as low as $39 from them, you just have to watch the rates for a few days and see how they go up and down. they have sales periodically, too.
It's worth checking AA.com (American Airlines). I have gotten round-trip tickets on non-stop flights between CA and the East Coast for $200, once to NYC, another to Miami (Fort Lauderdale).
The way I search for cheap flights is to sign up for all of the airlines' email newsletter. About once a week you'll get an email from each carrier annoucing sales. If you do this, you'll find some great sales. I flew from Philadelphia to Los Angeles rountrip for $138 doing this! If you don't mind getting a weekly email from them, it can really pay off.
I usually check orbitz first then go to the website of the airline that offers the cheapest flight. You'll end up paying less because there's less charges and it's easier to deal with the airlines than orbitz if you ever need to change your flights. For last minute airfares, check www.smarterliving.com or subscribe to it. It updates every Wednesday for that weekend and the weekend after's cheap flights.
If you're already in SF, united always have last minute specials from SFO or OAKLAND, and other airports all over the country too, they're usually posted every Tuesday and for flights on Saturday returning Monday.

And I agree about checking Orbitz/Travelocity/etc. And if jillybean307's advice is also good. I get weekly spams from a couple different airlines, but it helps my never ending search of cheap flights :biggrin: