Flight price doubles overnight?

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  1. I've been looking at flights on all of the different airline websites and travel sites (Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.) for several days to get an idea of what I am going to pay. I went to the same sites this morning and the price of the same flight (the one I wanted) has doubled since yesterday!!! I can't believe it! How does it double overnight? The flight isn't until June, so it's not a last minute thing.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Did you wait a few days to see if the price went back down? I am hoping it's just a temporary glitch in the system of the airline...
  2. i have actually found that they can fluctuate drastically (50-60% in a matter of minutes) if you pay close attention, up and down. its all done by a computer program and im willing to bet its determined by # of people looking at the flight, time between booking and take off, and about a million other factors.
  3. It also depends on the routes.... Some flight's prices will raise dramatically depending on the seats being booked because they fill in quite quick (e.g., trying to get business class London - Johannesburg with British Airways is an almost impossible task!!). That's why when I travel I try to plan well in advance (almost 1 year!) otherwise, you can gamble on the last-minute offers... sometimes it pays-off!
  4. Try kayak.com and track your flights :smile: I've been tracking 3 flights and they fluctuate every day :smile:
  5. I'm going to try that. I got back on a few minutes ago and there is a flight back at the original price, but it's at a crappy time.
  6. Gosh, does anyone remember the day of the week they say prices drop> for some reason I thought they said tuesday.
  7. I don't remember the exact day. But as other posters have said, prices fluctuate from one moment to the next. I've had this happen to me a number on times on Priceline
  8. I use expedia almost EVERY month...the prices fluctuate EVERY DAY.however they will email u when the prices drop..I use that function religiously!
    I just booked Miami,Aruba,Orlando,Texas,and the Bahamas flights for the next 4 months(BUSY travel time for me!) and i got AMAZING deals.
    the only better price I got other than expedia was thru USAIR(Im a frequent flier there)..i got a family of four to Orlando NON STOP flights..ALL for LESS than 500.oo!!!
    u just gotta cruise the net for the best deals!
  9. :yes: yep I think it is Tuesday nights.
  10. Prices fluctuate at the drop of a hat. Sad but true. I have dawdled only 15 minutes on booking a flight and seen things change!
  11. Tuesday night is the rumored date for cheap flights!

    Kayak updates your alerts at around 3 AM.
  12. Someone once told me that certain websites will "remember" you and raise the price drastically to panic you into booking. I'm not sure how true it is though, but it might be worth clearing your cookies and going to the website again.
  13. Clear your cookies. You may find the old price again. Sites know if you are checking the same flight a lot, this signals that you are very serious about booking the flight, and they will increase the prices.

    Good luck!
  14. I was told by a travel agent that it is supply and demand and as well as the no. of seats/packages that the each sites are given to and that once those specials are filled up then its back to original price.

    I was looking at Honolulu tickets from Montreal to HNL at 578.00 slept on it over night and went to 800.00+++. Dang!

    It really sucks how buying airline tickets/vacation packages is like buying gas or stock market.