Flight of the Conchords

  1. Anyone watch this? It's hilarious!! I love Jemaine and Brett.

    It's a comedy on HBO where two musicians from New Zealand are trying to make it in New York. :tup:
  2. OMG , I totally love this show and haven't missed one yet!!
  3. I had to change my avatar to Jermaine....lol
  4. Love it! Although the songs on their last couple of episodes have been a bit weak...but it is such a charmingly funny series. I just missed them on tour. :sad: Hopefully they'll come to CA again!
  5. i love them!! i think the show is so funny. i love mel and jermaine and 'brit'. haha. those new zealanders are so silly. i missed their show at the el rey. i hope they come back to la soon too.

  6. I have a bit of a crush on Jemaine, not gonna lie. lol

    I wish they would come here.
  7. Love the show...can't wait for their album to come out.
  8. Did anyone see the last one where they were dressed up as Lord of the Rings? ahhhh funny.
  9. OMG when i saw this threat I literally screamed a little! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I have crushes on both of them (boyfriend is ok with it lol). Too many hilarious parts to mention, but just had to express my love!!!
  10. Very clever, I really enjoy these guys!! Glad they have been renewed.
  11. I literally just watched the entire 1st season in 2 days. It's hilarious! I'm still laughing about the hiphop-potamus
  12. That's one of the only episodes I've seen of this show, but it was SO funny! I think I am going to try to watch them all OnDemand!
  13. Love the David Bowie episode...although I wonder if this show will get "tired" really quickly.
  14. I loved the "angry" dance....just re-watched that episode a few nights ago.
  15. I'm SO excited! I just bought tickets to see them when they swing by DC next month! We got pretty good seats! Whoo-hoo! :wlae::yahoo::wlae: