Flies attracted to kitty liter

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  1. #1 Aug 15, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2008
    I've just recently encountered this problem and I don't know what to do about it. I've had my cat for 2 years, she's always been an indoor cat and I've never had any problems with flies, bugs, insects being attracted to her sandbox. I recently moved across the country and have been living in my new home for just over a month now. There's a spot in my bathroom that fits my cat's box perfectly, it's right next to my shower. This past week, I've noticed little flies in my bathroom. They aren't present anywhere else in the house and I have no idea how they are getting inside. All the windows are painted shut and I don't keep the doors open. I think they are attracted to the cat's litter box because I find them around her box, in her box, and in my shower! I've killed about 20 of them today already! I did a quick google search and read about fruit flies being attracted to cat sandboxes if they're not cleaned properly, but I clean her litter daily. My bathroom has tile floor, so I put throw rugs under her and around her box so she doesn't track sand everywhere. I shake the rugs clean each week and am running them through a wash cycle right now. I'm wondering if anybody has any advice on what to do about them? I don't know what I can do and it is so unsanitary to have them in her box! I'm afraid they're laying eggs in her sand and I don't want her using it if there are bug eggs in it!

    ETA: I use scoop away multi-cat formula for her sand

    Here's a pic of one of the flies in my shower:

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  2. No one can offer help??
  3. Sorry. I haven't had this problem before. Can you start with a new litterbox in a different location and see if the same problem persists?
  4. Never had that problem, sorry..........
  5. These are moth flies (aka sewer flies or drain flies). They are coming from your sink and/or shower drains. They eat biological matter so they may be interested in your litter box contents. Moisture is a big factor with them, and they will look for areas to lay eggs which hatch into small thin black worms. They are also light sensitive so they will look to lay eggs in moist dark areas of the bathroom (under your shampoo bottle, etc.).

    Go online and google moth flies (or the other names). You need to get the problem handled quickly, because they multiply like crazy. We were killing about 400 a day (no kidding) during the worst time with them.

    They dont bite. They are just very annoying and multiply like crazy.
  6. ^^OMG!:sick:
  7. Thanks for the info! I'm googling them right now. I got the problem under control. I kept killing them each day, until they got less and less and now I don't have any flies in the bathroom or in any other part of the house.
  8. you posted this a while ago but i've been doing research and have the same problem... my cats litter box is in the bathroom near the shower stall and I have been seeing this wierd looking fly... not quite a fruit fly... slower and kind of powdery when you kill them.

    Its a moth fly or bathroom fly. With the research i've done apparently they live and breed in your drain pipes.

    I am a very clean person so dont really understand why i have them, I started to see them a couple of weeks ago... now its gotten worse. I live in NY by the water. Wondering if the warmer weather has anything to do with it.

    since its been a while have you figured out how to get rid of them. i read something about Drain Gel... hmmm
  9. perhaps move your cat's litter box to another room in the house since bathroom tend to be moist..not good idea :sad: