*flickr*whose album? *eye candies*

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  1. i was browsing tru flickr & found this album!:wtf:

    im loving alll the bagsssssss:yahoo:
    the close up photos are gorgeous!!:drool:
    i hope the owner doesnt mind me posting it here :sweatdrop:
    or are you in this forum? :graucho:
    enjoy the photos!!

    can anyone tell me whats the flat brwn bag with the inventur plate? TIA:wlae:
  2. That's the Monogram Vinyl Squichy I believe. I'm pretty sure it's no longer available? (Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong)

    Here's a few google-find pics of the bag in both it's colours.

  3. Wow, gorgeous bags!
  4. Nice bags!
  5. great bags !
  6. Gorgeous collection- love the trianon tote!
  7. Drools!!!
  8. They have an awesome collection and one kicka** digicam!!!
  9. :drool::drool::drool:
  10. Whats the first bag called? Its pretty I've seen it before but I've never known the name?
  11. WOW...great pictures!!!!!
  12. Wow Lovely Bags.
  13. So pretty! :love: